Natty’s Hump

  • Wednesday May 18, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • Spencer Love Tennis Center / Jaycee Park Parking Lot
  • 58° F, 80% RH

Pax (31 with the Q)

Short Circuit, Yeti (Respect!), Stretch (Respect!), Doublecheck (Respect!), Phoenix (Respect!), Fanny Pack, Ramses, Snooki (Respect!), Stickshift, Temple (Respect!), Kilowatt (Respect!), Polo, Don’tChaKnow (Respect!), 50cc (Respect!), Huffy (Respect!), Guiding Light (Respect!), Houlihan, Hall Pass, Big Poppy, Jayhawk, Amicus, Wojo (Respect!), Silicone (Respect!), Butt Fumble, Bones, Xerox (Respect!), Ketchup, Jitterbug (Respect!), Verlander,



No FNG’s present.

Mission was stated aloud

Disclaimer was done, albeit kinda half-assed

After the intro the group split up with runners and cyclists heading out. Boot campers stayed behind. Not sure where the ruckers were but I suspect they got an early start.

 WAR (all exercises in cadence x 15)


Imperial Walkers


Sun Gods

Abe Vigoda

String Rippers (with a clap)


Circle Up for:

  • Plank in a circle. 1st pax 10x Merkins while the rest of the group holds a plank. After 1st pax finishes, next pax does 10x Merkins. Repeat all the way around the circle.
  • Pax get in Air Chair position. 1st pax does 5 Monkey Humpers while others hold Air Chair. Repeat all the way around the circle.
  • SSH. 1st pax does 10 Mountain Climbers (SC) Repeat all the way around the circle.

Mosey to lighted area of the parking lot near the new tennis court site.


Birthday Workout (stolen from TPS, Lunatic Fringe September 4, 2020)

Each month of the year is an exercise.  The date of birth is the number performed.  We added a 10-rep minimum rule. Any dates lower than the 10th were 10 reps.

Pax circles up and we went around circle, one-by-one. Each Pax gave their birth month & day then lead the appropriate exercise and count. They chose In Cadence or Single Count. September (Jack Webbs) were OYO.

  1. Merkins
  2. Side Straddle Hops
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. High Knees
  6. Plank . Date = seconds then double it
  7. Box Cutter
  8. Squats
  9. Jack Webb (Merkin + Air press)
  10. Monkey Humper
  11. Mountain Climber
  12. Ballerina

We got though a full round so we started back around with wife or girlfriend birth dates. The we ran out of time so we moseyed back to shovel flag for:

Mary (all x 15 in cadence)

  • Freddie Mercury
  • Low Slow Flutter
  • Ukrainian Hammer


  • Blood Drive coming up soon. Watch Shenanigans for updates.
  • Coffeetalk every Wednesday at 0630 at Panera on Lawndale
  • Jabberwocky (3 murphs) coming up. Begins at Jesse Wharton Elementary. Start time to be determined. Contact Slumlord for details.
  • Blackbeard Challenge May 28. If you plan to join in, contact Tommy Boy.
  • On Time is on IR. Check in on him.
    • Ditto for any other pax that haven’t posted in a while. Reach out. Sometimes that’s all a guy needs to reverse the decline back to a sad clown.
  • Temple asked us to remember his friend Rusty from Ft. Mill.
  • 18 pax going fishing offshore this Saturday. Remember them and cross your fingers for good weather and hungry fish.


YHC took us out.

 The Moleskin

  • On Time, my apologies for not reaching out. I did not know you were on the IR.
  • T-claps to all the pax that came out this morning, including boot campers, ruckers, runners and cyclists. It was an honor to lead.
  • Kotters to Short Circuit and Ketchup. Good to have you guys in the gloom today!
  • Welcome Polo! Glad you came down south to join us!
  • Big Poppy! You’re a veteran now. Always good to see you.
  • FYI my first post was at Natty’s Hump, back in October of 2018. Wojo was the Q. Today marked the first time I’ve ever Qed here. Thanks for having me Ricola!

Radiator – out!