Hobble & Gobble

  • Thursday, May 12, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • 36.08799° N, 79.83364° W
  • 57 °F, 92% humidity


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Tommy Boy

Two years ago, this ragtag bunch of goonz went from being a middle-finger-to-Covid, pop-up workout to planting an official shovel flag, err… shovel walker. Happy Anniversary, studs. That said, YHC wanted to bring a lil’ sumpin’-sumpin’ to the Gloom this morning. Call to arms, Mission, and disclaimer were dispensed in short order. Ruck up and buckle up; the pain is calling and we must answer…

Loaded up with rucks and sandbags, we rucked the .5 miles to Ben & Jerry’s Brain Freeze Arena for a very quick:


  • SSH x 10 IC

Then, right into:

The Thang

Poseidon’s Trident: three groups, three stations, and a “reset point” before an out and back mosey. Then move to the next station. When exectuted correctly, your heat map should look like a trident. Get it?

STATION 1 – Sandbag Toss

  • 10 x 40lb. bag
  • 5 x 60lb. bag
  • 3 x 80lb. bag

STATION 2 – The Dizzy Douche

  • 50lb bag of cement
  • 1 Burpee per side of the bag
  • lift/hug the bag to chest and perform 5 Squats then…
  • Out & Back while hugging the coupon to chest
  • 3 x Rounds

STATION 3 – Exercises w/ Ruck

  • 10 x Halo w/ Rev. Lunge
  • 20x WWII Sit-ups (ruck on chest)
  • 20x Pickle Pushers (IC)

The Chum Bucket (reset point)

Before moving to the next station, gather your team at the Chum Bucket, take a drink of water, hold it in your mouth, mosey 100 yards, perform 20 merkins, mosey back, spit into the Chum Bucket. If any team member got rid of their water before returning, the team must perform 5 Burpees. Then, on to the next station.

Once time was called, we gathered our gear, loaded up, and rucked the .5 miles to the shovel flag for:


  • Box Cutters x 10 IC
  • American Hammers x 20 IC



  • Check Shenanigans! And, keep an eye on Slack/Twitter for a possible call to arms from Wojo & Bedbug following their Family Esate Sale. They may need help removing any unmoved items.


  • Do something today, big or small, that impacts something beyond yourself. In other words, have a positive impact on our community.

Grace & Peace,

Tommy Boy