Today’s theme was “be fully present“. It is easy to rush through exercises (or life) and not appreciate the moment we are in. When we unpack the details that make up the big picture, we see so much more. The Q encouraged the Pax to reflect on each moment that makes up their day and not miss out on the things that matter, God, family, and friends.

The Workout


  1. Side Straddle Hops [20 In-Cadence]

Thang No. 1

  1. 50-yard Bear Crawl with 100 Merkins peppered along the way.

Thang No. 2

Evolution No. 1

  1. Wide to Narrow Plyometric Squats [20 Single-Count]
  2. 3 Monkey Humpers & 3 In & Outs [10 Single-Count]
  3. Ranger Merkins with a Crescent Push at the top of the movement  [10 Single-Count]

Evolution No. 2

  1. Carolina Dry-Docks [10 Single-Count]
  2. 3 Squats & 3 Merkins [10 Single-Count]
  3. Reverse Lunge into Front Circle Kick [10-Right/10-Left Single-Count]

Evolution No. 3

  1. Touch Down Sumo Squats [20 Single-Count]
  2. Dive Bombers [10 Single-Count]
  3. Typewriter Mini-Plyometric Squats (staying off the heels) [20 Single-Count]

Evolution No. 4 

  1. Split Squat/Runner’s Stretch with 3 Pulses [10-Right/10-Left Single-Count]
  2. Reverse Lunge into Toy Soldier [10-Right/10-Left Single-Count]
  3. Walking Merkins [20 Single-Count]


  1. Low Bridge Hold for 20 Count [The Pax contact points were off their shoulder blades & the heels]
  2. Low Bridge Pendulum Swing [The Pax contact points were off their shoulder blades & the heels/10-Right/10-Left Single-Count]
  3. Homer_Marge [This version included wide and narrow holds, halfway holds, and pulses at each position]
  4. American Hammer [1 Single-Count]

C.O.T. & Name-a-rama 

The Q shared personal antidotes about the challenges of being fully present when the world works hard to distract us with busyness. Nails & the Q mentioned the Jabberwocky CSAUP event scheduled for June 18 at Jesse Wharton Elementary. The hope of this event is that the Pax will attempt to complete at least one Murph and breakthrough self-set barriers.

Pax present

Eggplant, Ozone, Butterball, Bobby Knight, Bulldog, Nails, Polo, and the QIC: Slumlord