Date: 5/5/2022

Workout: Closing Time

Location: Jaycee Park

Pax: Renaissance (Respect), Burgundy (Respect), The King, Snooki (Respect), Slider, Snow White (Respect), Rabbit (Respect), Red Line, Chase, Gherkin, Mudflap (Respect), Dortmund, Flo, Flat Rate (Respect), Apollo (Respect), Triple Lindy, Striker, Gridlock (Respect), Fore (Respect), Raptor, Patch (Q)

YHC’s last Q was back in December at Cougartown.  I’ve stopped committing to anything more than a couple weeks out in my schedule because my work takes me to Maine a lot.  It felt good to be back in front of you men again.  I’m so very grateful.

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Every exercise is just a recommendation.  Modify as necessary.


As much I wanted to head to the wall, we went down the parking lot to where the people are (plug for Unlocked Man group).



6 inches

Downward Dog

Upward Dog


10 – Merkins

20 – SSH IC

Mosey to the Gate

Calf Raises (20)

Mosey to the field on the hill

The Thang 1

A terrible name for this would be “Chasin’ Tail”, lol.  What we did was circled up and one person peels off to the left and runs around the circle.  The person to his left immediately falls in behind the person who just took off.  So maybe half of the guys are running and the other half are in place doing exercises. At about every loop, we changed up the exercises.

Imperial Walkers



Monkey Humpers


The Thang 2

Wagon Wheel is probably what we could go for a name for this one.  We counted off into threes, and formed 3 stations equidistant from a center point which was my rucksack.  From here we formed two lines and ran out, touched the rucksack and return to your station to tag the next guy in.  It was originally drafted to be a race-ish between two Pax at each station, however it worked better if we had each of the two lines just going independently.  After about 5-6 runs each we switched our stations up, rotating to our right.  Each of the stations were a little different terrain.

This ran fairly smooth all in all.  We could make things more chaotic if after tagging the next guy in you moseyed to the back of the line at the next station.  We’d have movement on the spokes and the outer ring of the wheel.

It was certainly a fun routine.  Relatively easy to modify down or up depending on how you’re feeling.  It was amusing to look at, which we did get a fair amount of friendly’s spectating.  Some guys started to move the rucksack slightly around.  Some small wipe outs turning around at the rucksack.

Return Trip

We made our way down to the picnic shelter to do 10 step ups.  Apollo led in 10 each leg.

Sloth mosey up the hill.

Gather up at the gate for 15 crabcakes IC.

Pick up the 6 on the way to the flag.


15 – Flutter Kicks IC

Protractor 6 inches, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 6 inches

24 – American Hammers IC (The King)


On Monday, this Q slot opened up and I jumped on it.  My plane lands around 5 at PTI, and I’ve been in the habit of rucking to and from the airport.  2 hours should be plenty of time to get to the AO on foot.  During the trip I can plan the Q out.  Senator Burr was on my flight, I got to say hi to him [side story, he came and spoke to us probably 8 years ago or so when I worked at General Dynamics in a conference room of 50 people or so].  At about the time my flight landed, it was sunny and probably in the 80s.  I saw a man with his car broke down, there probably wasn’t anything I could do so I kept moving.  I made it about halfway when a young HIM turned his car around and asked if I would like a ride.  “It’s too hot out here to be walking”.  I thanked him for the gesture but I knew I had time to get where I was going.  I was on the path.  Going down some/most hills I ran.  Going through some tricky spots (no sidewalk), I ran.  Being a head of schedule and without water, I was coming up on a Harris Teeter [thought it was a Lowes but my receipt corrects the story] so I stopped in quick.  I knew grocery stores had drinks up by the registers.  I grabbed two and took a few steps to an open self-serve checkout station.  I got both items scanned when a woman and her son walked up to the checkout station next to me.  She was digging through her purse and said “I can’t believe it. I forgot my wallet.”  I immediately spoke up and told her I could get her groceries for her.  She said she could venmo me.  Sure, my venmo is F3Patch [F3 plug, plus I was wearing my F3 shirt].

All those steps along the way.  God had me right where I needed to be in order to serve.  God knew that day that I could use comfort so he sent me a stranger to give me a ride.  After telling this story, multiple Pax members offered me a ride home.  What a blessing this day was to me.  Shoutout to Gherkin for the ride to Rhody’s and then home to my apartment.

Do hard things.  Be ready and willing to serve.  Be an Asset.


Not sure we went through announcements.  Check out shenanigans.

Chase closed us out in prayer. Way to go young man!

Thanks for having fun with me.