Death Star

  • Wednesday, May 4th, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • 66° F, 84% humidity
  • 36.20764° N, 79.80562° W


Gigawatt, Weed (RESPECT!), Gocu, DQ, Kaizen (RESPECT!), TJ Hooker, Pity The Fool (RESPECT!), Jelly Bean, Foot Fairy, JR, Geppetto, See Thru, TPS (RESPECT!), Jingles, Centerfold, Tommy Boy


Tommy Boy

There’s oonly one place to be on May the Fourth… Death Star. YHC was grateful to serve as Q and bring a lil’ something different to the mix. Mission, disclaimer, call to leave it all out on the AO, and we’re off! A quick mosey to…


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Copperhead Squats x 10 IC (Abe Vigoda style)
  • Merkin Hellevator x 5-10-15-20
  • Hug Thyself x 10 count
  • Sun Gods > Unwind > Chinooks > Moroccan Nightclubs

A quick tour of the AO and a few exercise demos before gathering around Ol’ Blue for a count-off into three groups. Then, each Pax  was given a hand grenade of water. Why? Read on…

The Thang

Station One – Cinders & Coupons

  • Thrusters x 20
  • Yes/No/Maybe x 10ea
  • Street 2 Skulls x 20

Take a gulp of water > mosey 50 yards > Merkins x 20 > mosey 50 yards back > spit out the water

If any Pax is sans-water upon return, the group must perform 10 Burpees before moving to the next station

Station Two – Sandbags

  • 40# x 10 overhead tosses
  • 60# x 5 overhead tosses
  • 80# x 3 overhead tosses
  • SSH until you can cycle into the rotation

repeat the water challenge

Station Three – bodyweight

  • 1-legged Squats x 10 ea. leg
  • Seated Bodyweight press x 30 seconds
  • Superman to Swimmer x 20

repeat the water challenge

Rinse & repeat until Omaha is called

The Pax was kind enough to bring all the coupons back to Ol’ Blue where we took a final swig of agua and moseyed back to the #ShovelFlag for…


  • Captain Therkin

Soooo good to start the day right with the Pax of Death Star. Remember, showing up is NOT the hard part… the work should be hard but shouldn’t end when you get home… that’s where the real work, the disruption of the status quo, begins.

Grace & Peace,

Tommy Boy