• AO: Shake and Bake
  • Tues, May 3rd, 2022
  • 05:30-06:15

Pax (12)

 Airball, TPS, Graffiti, Xerox, Norwood, Stickshift, Mall Cop, Big Blue, Bobby Knight, Matlock, Wojo, YHC



LFG! After the usual introduction / Mission / Disclaimer / Instructions the PAX started with a one lap mosey/karaka/butt kickers/high knees to the…. WARMARAMA :  Various stretching to get ready for the THANG.  50/50/100/50/50/100!!!  Seven rounds of 400 meter sprints.  Finish up with a slow mosey to finish off a 2 mile track.  Several stretches afterward.

MoM: No time.  Straight to roll call, name o rama, and  Announcements


  • Wojo announced there are three F3 garb portals open.   Bobby Knight looking for orange camo shirt because….not sure why.
  • TPS gave away the Saint Adrian picture to Air Ball.  Things happened this last weekend I think.
  • Graffiti announced to keep eyes open to a JH Ranch from California who came to Camp Weaver.  It is a Christian camp where kids and parents camp and are disconnected from electronics for a week.  Great promotion that everyone should look into.  DM Graffiti for more information.


  • Hoosier’s cousin in Indiana had a baby boy in 2020 and was born with a hole in his heart and an underdeveloped artery.  After several surgeries and much prayer, baby Aiden is doing well and starting to live a normal life.  Im sure there may be future surgeries, but for now he is doing well.   Thanks for the last couple years of prayer!  It makes a difference!

COT –  Bobby Knight took the PAX out in prayer!!