Date: 4/22/2022

AO:  Uptown Funk

The workout was not about to happen given I did not remember until the site Q, Saban, did the pre-blast for Uptown Funk, lol! I literally read the Twitter pre-blast and was like, “Hey, do I really have the Q tomorrow?” As I checked my calendar, OH YEAH, it was on like Donkey Kong! So in the same spirit, I created a Chute n Ladders type workout with running levels up and down the nearest parking garage. 5:30 AM, I welcomed everyone, proclaimed the F3 Mission, and started the Warm-a-Rama at the shovel flag.

Warm-a-Rama:  Windmills x12, Imperial Walkers x12, Toy Soldiers x12, Sun-Gods x12, String Rippers x12, Seated Toe Touches x10, Angel Stretches x6 (3 each side).

The Thang: PAX jogged to the parking deck next to the downtown library for 5 Stations situated on 5 levels of the parking deck. The Q asked the PAX if they wanted to start up or down.  The PAX replied “Up!,” by unanimous decision. Q directed the PAX up the stairwell to level 5. The Q explained to the PAX once on level 5 all exercises will be done on the winkie then “Chute” (jog) down the parking deck to each of the levels completing all exercises and then come back up the stairwell “Ladder” to begin again at level 2; one level at a time until reaching level 5. Repeat until time expires. 

-Station #1 (level 1) : Mike Tyson’s x5, Werkins x10, Lunges x15 (each leg), E2K x20 IC

-Station #2 (level 2): Peter Parkers x5, Glute Bridge x10 IC, Alt. Shoulder Taps x15, Hillbilly Squats x20

-Station#3 (level 3):  – Mtn. Climbers x5 IC, Jump Squats x10, Merkins x15, LSF’s x20 IC

-Station #4 (level 4): Squats x5 IC, LBCs 10 IC, Monkey Humpers x15, SSH’s x20

-Station #5 (level 5): Carolina Dry Docks x5IC, Lt. Dan’s x10 IC, Freddie Mercury’s x15 IC, Hand Release Merkins x20

The entire PAX stayed together and completed all 5 stations going from level 5 to level 1 then back up, one level at a time, to the top where the Q called “OMAHA!” Then the Q had the PAX mosey to the shovel flag.

MARY: Body Destroyers, Heels-2-Heaven x10, Gas Pumps x10, American Hammers x20.

Name-O-Rama: Terminator (RESPECT), Saban, Blummer, Poehler, Sandpiper, Snacks-on-a-Plane,

Drysdale (RESPECT), Ozone, and FloJo on the Q!   

COT: Announcements/Prayer led by FloJo

We came, we worked, we conquered! All got better!! I appreciate the opportunity to lead. 


#Salute #SYITG