Date: April 19, 2022

Weather: 38 Degrees outside, buy maybe a little warmer in the premier F3 GSO Subterranean AO Lair

PAX: 50cc, Phoenix, Stretch, Eggplant, Sacked, Shocker, Poehler, FloJo, Akron (War Baby), Annie Oakley, Gekko, LYnda, Crash, Huffy, Snookie (War Daddy), Wojo (QIC) Ruckers: Short Circuit, Bodett, Bruce Lee Fartsacker: Tommy Boy

Whenever you follow an excellent Q at a particular AO, especially a Grow Ruck CADRE member like Akron, who brought a workout that the PAX are STILL talking about a week later, you know you have to bring your ‘A’ game. Now when certain PAX members start chirping at you on SLACK and the Twitter machine, that just raises the stakes higher! So with all of that, I decided to take it F3 Greensboro OLD SCHOOL, incorporating running, special coupons and a bit of Q-nasty I learned from along the way. What resulted was the following #crowdpleaser…

Now, I will mention now and re-mention later that a few notable PAX and regular Shakeweight attendees were noticeably missing today…Tommy Boy, Houlihan, Boy Wonder, Butt Fumble, Etch-A-Sketch, and City Slicker, to name a few. And one of these names, in particular, decided after throwing shade on SLACK & Twitter to fartsack today. Hmmm, perhaps our most recent Nantan Emeritus was a little scared to smell what WOJO was cooking. VQ my ass!

At 0531, the welcome was given, mission statement offered and a general word of caution to be careful with the exercises today – listen to your body. I quoted Quicken, “I am not here to be your friend today, but to push you to get better.” So that’s what I did…


  • The Motivator (counting down from 8)
  • String Ripper X 10 IC
  • Sun Gods X 10 IC (forward & reverse)
  • Moroccan Night Club X 10 IC

PAX directed to pick up their weights and quickly assemble on at the near corner of the parking deck, then splint into teams of 3 (and 1 team of 4).

The THANG – 3 Man Grinder, Drago Ball Style

AMRAP reps until relieved by one of your partners and run as hard as you can between stations (which was the other end of the deck). PAX instructed to be very careful with form.

Dumbbell Station

  1. Good Morning
  2. Upright Rows
  3. Squat – Curl – Press
  4. Al Gore (with dumbbell)
  5. Bent Over Rows
  6. Grave Diggers
  7. Tricep Kick Back or Skull Crushers
  8. Flock of Seagulls

Drago Ball Station

  1. Squat Thrusters
  2. Bench Press
  3. American Hammers (with ball)
  4. Murder Bunnies (using ball, between cones)
  5. Squatted Curls
  6. Drago Ball Merkins
  7. Swings
  8. Alternating Lunge Twists

During the THANG, YHC called the following two speedbumps to keep PAX on their toes and the #mumblechatter in check – 10 Burpees OYO and 10 Hand Release Merkins (on my down). Based on exit polling, the PAX LOVED it! #crowdpleaser

6 Minutes of Mary (actually 3 minutes)

  1. Over Unders X 15 IC
  2. Low Slow Flutters X 15 IC
  3. Freddie Mercuries X 15 IC
  4. American Hammers X !5 IC


Announcements & Naked Man Moleskin

  • F3 & FIA Convergence Saturday, April 30 at Red Oak Lager Haus & Biergarten, 10:30 am workout, and fellowship to follow. Not 2.0 friendly – all must be 21 and older.
  • Snookie shared that his deceased father was part of a special program “Under The Great Oak” about a giant white oak tree in Basking Ridge, NJ, Snookie’s home town. It is available on Amazon and features Mr. Fricke and his voice. You can check it out and watch the trailer here:
  • 50cc has his VQ here at Shakeweight next week.
  • Where, o Where is Tommy Boy?? I honestly loved being poked by Tommy Boy and Akron prior to the workout, as it makes me put a harder workout together that benefits ALL of us. But to fartsack…Come on Man! Seriously, know you had some family stuff and stressors eating at you, so we are all good. But that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to give poke you back!
  • Gekko, you are doing an amazing job as a Site Q and a pot stirrer. This is how you bring energy and attendance to a workout, except when the stated Q scares off the PAX!
  • Proud of how everyone pushed today, especially for our non-runners in the group. The Drago Balls never disappoint and that is a long distance to sprint (at least 150 yards) between stations. Proud of you 50cc, Annie Oakley and Snookie!
  • And speaking of runners, TClaps to our EC pre-workout runners: Phoenix, Egg Plant, 50cc, Poehler and Crash.
  • Kotters to Crash and Short Circuit. Crash has the Q at next week’s Natty’s Hump. Good to see both of you guys back out in the Gloom!
  • I think the fastest team today was Akron, Egg Plant and Shocker. Flo Jo, your team brought it strong as well.

It is always and honor and a privilege to Q. We show up in the Gloom to #GetBetter and do hard things! Thanks to all of you for making me better.