APRIL 23, 7 AM. The site Q and i had signal’s crossed and he allowed me to Q. THANK YOU

Always a pleasure leading the Pax. Here’s how it went down:

– SunGods; chanooks, Moroccan nightclub,mt climbers, Imperil walkers, flutter kicks. Next short, i mean Short mosey

Count off 1/2, 1/2…

1- American hammers, 2 squats; 1 mt climbers, 2 close merkins; 1 V ups, 2 crab cakes

Short mosey. Sand bags to next spot,. Again and rope pull up to BB backbord. A pulley would have been nice.

Tug of war best 2 out of 3. 2 won, Xerox the rope didn’t break this time lol!!!

Tunnel of love, wall sits with passing 30 lbs and then with sand bags. Sprints,  lunges, backwards and all out following !

Mary, flutters, over and end, Freddy Mercuries, box cutters and more American Hammers.

Pax Remington, FND OG, NEW NAME we tried, he wasn’t having it. Stryker,Rabbit,Lynda, Expired, Radiator,J Wow, Fanny pack, Mickolson and Viagara.

Thanks COT then Breakfast. = ūüĎć


Thank you