Date: 4/16/2022

AO:  Wakanda

The workout was designed to hit the track “Buuuuut,” it was locked due to a high school track meet being run later. “It’s all good,” the Dudley roundabout was available, and as one PAX member stated, “It worked out the way it supposes to!”  Well, my 2.0 Luke Cage was a co-Q due to the Q working out some back tweaks. All I can say is the”over 40 life,” would not be gracious if I did not put in the miles in my younger years! I could not imagine being a couch potato and getting to 40 years old feeling worst!  I’m appreciative, trust! Sidenote: We arrived early enough to realize we forgot the winkies. We doubled back home and were able to make it in time to set up & start at 7:00 AM.  I welcomed everyone, proclaimed the F3 Mission, and we moved to the nearby parking lot for co-Q Luke Cage to debut his 1st Warm-a-Rama!

Warm-a-Rama:  Co-Q Luke Cage led PAX with Imperial Walkers x12, Toy Soldiers x10, Sun-Gods x10, String Rippers x10, and Side Straddle Hops x15, plus the Q added Seated Toe Touches x10, Angel Stretches x6 (3 each side). The Q asked for feedback to assist the Co-Q Luke Cage to improve on his next opportunity to lead. All advice is appreciated PAX! Luke Cage notes: I need to “be more confident when calling the cadence, demonstrate exercises before beginning, and know I set the tone of the exercises!”

The Thang: 4 Stations are situated around the concrete circle or Round-about (midway on 4 sides) right before entering the stadium entrance. The Q had the PAX count out “1 – 2,” creating three groups of partners, and the Q was solo; exercising, monitoring PAX members, and guiding the workout session. The Q directed the three partner groups to a designated station getting a cue to start once there. The partners are to complete the 1st exercise on each of the four stations and once back to the started station add the 2nd exercise to all the stations until back to the started station adding the 3rd exercise and so on; circling the round-about until completing all four exercises in succession. 

-Station #1: Mike Tyson’s x5, Werkins x10, Lunges x15 (each leg), E2K x20 IC

-Station #2: Peter Parkers x5, Glute Bridge x10 IC, Alt. Shoulder Taps x15, Hillbilly Squats x20

-Station#3:  – Mtn. Climbers x5 IC, Jump Squats x10, Merkins x15, LSF’s x20 IC

-Station #4: Squats x5 IC, LBCs 10 IC, Monkey Humpers x15, SSH’s x20

As the last group was finishing their last station the Q picked up the six and finished out with them, collecting all others on station #1. Once completed the Q called a cool-down exercise prior to Mary – Body destroyer – Natville 10 count.  Then had the PAX go to the shuffle flag with an “OMAHA!”

MARY: LBC’s x10, Freddy Mercuries x10, Heels-2-Heaven x10, Gas Pumps x10, American Hammers x20.

Name-O-Rama: Root, Double Pump, HBO, Luke Cage – Co-Q, Bruce Lee, 50 CC’s (RESPECT), honorable mention 1 splitter walker: I-am-Legend(RESPECT), and FloJo on the Q!   

COT: Announcements/Prayer led by FloJo

We came, we worked, we conquered! All got better!! I appreciate the opportunity to lead. 


#Salute #SYITG