• Thursday April 14, 2022
  • 0530 – 0615
  • 63º F, breezy with pollen!


Saban, Houlihan, City Slicker – RESPECT, Poehler, Square, 90210, Flo Jo, Bruce Lee – QIC

We began our morning with an affirmation of the one singular mission of F3:

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

YHC shared the appropriate disclaimers and with some headlights still rolling in the parking lot, we did a quick circle mosey to include all the Pax and then made a silent mosey down the south side of the high-school (ssshhhh – don’t wake the neighbors) and circled up adjacent to the bus parking lot for:

The Warm-A-Rama

  • Goofballs x 15 IC
  • Sun Gods x 15 IC, Cherry Pickers x 15 IC, Sun Gods (reverse) x 15 IC
  • Hug Thy Self
  • Abe Vigodas x 10 IC
  • String Rippers x 10 IC
  • Peter Parkers x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 20 IC

With a quick warmarama complete we made our way to the track for:

The Thang

The beatdown was simple:
Do 1 exercise – do 1 lap; come back do the 1st and 2nd exercise – do 2 laps; come back do the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd exercise – do 3 laps; come back do the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th exercise – do 4 laps

The explanation induced an appropriate amount of mumble-chatter – most pertaining to the number of running AOs offered elsewhere. I smiled.

Work as follows:

25 hand release merkins – 1 lap

25 hand release merkins, 25 WWIIs – 2 laps

25 hand release merkins, 25 WWIIs, 25 squats – 3 laps

25 hand release merkins, 25 WWIIs, 25 squats, 25 amazing spider mans* – 4 laps

It was simple, it was effective, it may have been a bit over-zealous as no one got to the 4 laps. Omaha was called and we picked up the 6 finishing their 3rd lap. A quick 10 count, then mosey back to the flag mixed in with a little traveling Mary.


Box Cutter x 20 IC (with a hushed count on the south side of the school)


American Hammers x 20 IC




  • Cross Ruck – tomorrow Friday April 15th – 0500-0630 launch from Grace United Methodist Church, open to all including Ms and 2.0s
  • Good Friday Service at Grace Community Church – W. Gate City Blvd 6:30 – 7:30 pm

COT (generalized here for public posting)

  • Remember those on the IR – injury, COVID, recovering from accident
  • Houlihan shared a reading about not letting 10 seconds of negativity disrupt the remaining 86,390 seconds of your day

YHC took us out in prayer – to not be the 10 seconds of negativity in someone else’s life, to stand strong in the face of negativity in what we face today and to absorb chaos, give back calm, and provide hope to those around us.


  • 90210 – after seeing you consistently in the Inkwell namarama videos it is good to finally meet you. Way to put in the work!
  • Houlihan – first Merkins since December 27th after recovering from surgery – WAY. TO. GO! Celebrating your recovery
  • Poehler – first run in a while – way to get back after it, you’ll be ECing again before you know it!
  • Square – came in so hot this morning your truck was up on two wheels! You still got energy flowing during the 5 year anniversary week – may this be your best year yet!
  • City Slicker – always a positive influence; I heard your voice calling out the count on every warmarama rep and saw your effort during the beatdown – way to set an example!
  • Flo Jo – any chance I get to see you on a track makes me smile. I know your goals now are different than back in the day, but you are still out here putting in the work, encouraging others and keeping yourself sharp – appreciate you!
  • Saban – you have been a consistent presence within the Pax since you started and I’ve noticed at the Inkwell AO in particular. Its always good for AOs to have some dedicated loyal HIM – thank you!
  • Houlihan, Flo Jo, Poehler – thanks for saving me time and grief by helping me retrieve my key. YHC was a bit over-exuberant in stashing my key and accidentally launched it into my engine compartment. These HIM stuck with me – offering rides, but first devising a plan to retrieve the keys. Between sticks and long phalanges, they key was recovered, there was rejoicing in the Smith High School parking lot, and tales of our triumph at coffeteria. Sincerely – THANK YOU!
  • *Amazing Spider Man consists of plank jack, peter parker, mountain climber – that’s 1