Date:  Wednesday, April 6th, 2022

AO:  Slamming Sammy’s

PAX: Explosion, Bushwood, Snacks-on-a-plane, Belsnickel, Wilma, Short-Squeeze, Pocahontas, Big Poppi, Nancy  Amphibious, Hazmat (RESPECT),  & FloJo on the “Q”.

Well, I have a love for “HUMP DAY,” so AO’s on this day I try to visit. Today I felt like revisiting some previous workouts: meaning I had no clue what I was going to do. So I revisited some old winkies and found a few with written-out exercises spelling out AO’s on Wednesday. Hence the theme shouts out from Twitter. I even felt good enough for my 1st EC after hibernation! Anyway, I welcomed the PAX, proclaimed the F3 Mission and we got down to learning how to Smack Honey Hump!! 

Warm-a-Rama:  Side-straddle hops (x12 IC), Sun-Gods x 12 IC frontward and backward x12, Shinnok’s x12 IC, String Rippers x12 IC, Merkins x12 IC, Butt Kickers x12, and Hug Thyself x6.

Q guided the PAX down past shelter close to the 1st baseball field and paused for some wall runs on the concession stand; a total count of 12IC accelerating the pace every 4 counts. Continued back toward the basketball court for the Thang, barely catching myself due to some slippery mud.

The Thang: TABATA Time style with 14 exercises (rounds), 00:45 seconds of work, 00:15 seconds of rest between each exercise doing 14 rounds for the 1st set then 00:30 rest before doing it all again for a second set. The total time was 28:00 minutes of W-O-R-K!! 

The Exercises: Spell out SMACK, HONEY, HUMP   

S -quats 

M – onkey Humpers 

A – lcores  

C – opperhead Squats 

K – raken Burpees 

H – and Release Merkins 

O – utlaws 

N – olan Ryans 

E – 2K 

Y – urpees 

H –  omer & Marge 

U – p Shoulder Hops 

M – ountain Climbers 

P – lank Jacks 

Viewing the damage of SMACK HONEY HUMP times two and the time…

Mary: Body Destroyers x10 (Natville Style) and American Hammers x1 IC  

COT: Announcements – Happy 20th Anniversary to Nancy & his bride/Prayer led by FloJo 

We came, We worked, We conquered! 12 PAX now know how to SMACK HONEY HUMP! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!