Jitterbug needed a substi-Q, so I stepped up because that is what we do at F3.


For Warmarama the Q took the boys to the Quadragon for Merkins +. Following that experience, the Q led the intrepid souls to the drop turnabout at the school for the Thang.


The Pax did shuttle runs up and down the hill adjacent to the school, like human yo-yos. At the base of the hill, they did a hotch-potch of Merkins, Lunges, Mike Tysons, and other Pax-select exercises. After the base camp exercise was completed, we ran backwards up the hill and did karaoke, side-shuffles, knee drives aka skipping, and other fun variations. At the crest of the hill, the Pax performed 10 burpees and returned to base camp for more work. After 5 rounds, the Pax returned to the Quadragon for Bridge exercises. The bridge movements were performed using our heels and shoulders as the anchoring points. The Q took the Pax through a utopia of variations, which bled into Mary.


The Pax did plank variations, Homer-Marge, and finished with American-Hammer.


The Q mentioned the CSAUP Jabberwocky event in June.

Gilligan mentioned Longtime leading the Tuesday Bible Talk at Search Ministries.


Scooby Do, Gilligan, Longtime, Etch-a-Sketch, Jordan, Viagra, Blue Oyster, Fanny Pack, and Slumlord as the QIC.