F3 Shake Weights

  • Tuesday, April 12, 2022
  • 0530 – 0615
  • 65º F

The Twitter mumble chatter was at an all-time high on the pre-blast for this workout. I had a unique thought to make this workout stand out and I believe I delivered.


The Pax of: Phoenix (Respect), Oil Slick, 50cc (Respect), Boy Wonder (Respect), Tommy Boy, Fannie,  Poehler, Bushwood, Butt Fumble, Gekko, Robin Hood, Don’t Cha Know (Respect), Lynda (Respect), Snowflake (Respect), Shocker (Respect), Scratch (Respect) Akron QIC

The mission of F3 was affirmed

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve, small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

and the disclaimer dispensed.

With the Pax assembled, we stayed put

The Warm-A-Rama

  • Side Straddle Hops x 13 IC
  • Merkins 13 SC
  • Mountain Climbers 13 IC
  • Runners Stretch 10 count each leg
  • Sun Gods 13 IC
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Hug thyself

With muscle groups warmed, I broke down the format of the workout. So my goal was to make sure everyone at the workout lifted, squatted, curled, and pressed the same amount of weight. So I had 13 exercises with a total weight as a goal, for example: Push Press 500lbs: So depending on what dumbbells weights you had determined the number of reps you had to do. The higher the dumbbells the fewer reps. I broke the math down on a separate winkie to minimize the math for some guys.


The Thang

1-Crush Grip Goblet Squat 500lbs

2-Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curl 250lbs Each Arm

3-Dumbbell Swing 500lbs

4–Hollow Body Skull Crushers 10 reps

5-Curl and Press 500lbs

6-Triceps Extension 500lbs

7-Squat Thruster 500lbs

8-1 Arm Row 500lbs EACH ARM

9–Dumbbell Situp 1000lbs

10–Reverse Lunge 500lbs

11–Hanging Goblet Squat 500lbs

12–Renegade Row 250lbs Each Arm

13–Dumbbell Side Plank w/ Rotation 250lbs Each Arm



Reps Count to Reach 500lbs According to Weights

5lbs – 100 Reps

10lbs – 50 Reps

15lbs – 34 Reps

20lbs – 25 Reps

25lbs – 20 Reps

30lbs – 17 Reps

35lbs – 15 Reps

40lbs – 13 Reps

45lbs – 12 Reps

50lbs – 10 Reps







  • Ring of Fire Hollow Dumbbell Hold 60 seconds
  • American Hammers 5 IC



– GTE 32 in VA coming up. Phoenix is a paid HC along with 4 other HC’s from Natville

-Bushwood on the Q at Slammin Sammy’s tomorrow! Be ready to carry some sandbags!



We’ve had a few pax with sick parents or parents who recently passed away. We called out their names YHC also requested prayer for my mom and her current living situation with our family.




  • Everyone for enduring the suck fest!
  • Tommy Boy – I know you were hurting…way to push through
  • Snowflake – you hung in with the young guys!
  • Ramsey’s – for the opportunity to take lead. Glad we could work out the switch
  • Gunny – You put in work. I saw you with really good form.
  • 50cc – Those hollow body skull crushers didn’t sound fun but you did it
  • Gekko – for being the 1st Site Q I know to book up the Q Sheet for a Year! Now everyone has to wait for me to run that back