DATE: 4-11-2022

21 PAX: Long Time, Weed, DQ, Xerox, Hoosier, Ricola, JR, Huffy, Etch-A-Sketch, Red Dragon, Bodett, Double Check, Amicus, Jayhawk, Geppetto, Untouchable, TPS, Schnitzel, Drizzle, Airball, Sacked – QIC

On a perfect early Spring morning 17 Boot Campers and 4 Splinter dudes descended on the Circle Time AO for their DRP. With everyone ready to roll at 5:29 a.m. the welcome and mission statement were delivered. Nothing left to do but to get after it. Here is how it went.



  • Phelps Hugs x 15ic
  • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • Sun Gods x 10ic each direction
  • Hillbillies x 15ic
  • Peter Parkers x 15ic
  • String Rippers x 10ic



PAX teams up in 3’s for a “Meet in the middle Grinder”. There are 3 Stations on the outer part with a 4th station set in the center of the outer 3. There are exercises listed at each station. After an exercise is completed rep wise return to the center and wait for you partners. Once all 3 are at the center station perform 1 of 3 options and then move clockwise to the next station and then repeat.


  1. WW1 SITUPS X 20
  2. WW2 SITUPS X 20
  5. LSF X 20IC


  • MERKINS X 25
  • DERKINS X 25
  • DIPS X 25
  • IRKINS X 25
  • SHOULER TAPS X 20 double count (1/1, 2/2, etc. to 20)


  1. SQUATS X 20
  2. LUNGES X 10 ea.
  4. SIDE LUNGE X 10 ea.
  5. WOJO SQUAT X 20


  • 3 Double Merkin Burpees Or
  • 9 Merkins Or
  • 12 Smurf Jacks

With time running tight we circled up for MARY



  • American Hammer x 15ic


  1. Prayers go out to Bodett, his M, and family. His Father-in-Law passed away yesterday.
  2. Prayers from F3 GSO go out to the family of ATL Pax member, Ready-Mix, who died in a Ski accident. Prayers as well for the entire ATL PAX.
  3. JR – annual CROSS RUCK is on for this Friday. Details to be posted in SLACK and TWITTER this week.
  4. April 30 – Red Oak Brewery Convergence – start time 10:30 a.m. WEED on the lead Q.
  5. If you are not getting the Shenanigans email on Sunday afternoon check you spam folder first as it may be in there. If not there let us know so we can check email address on the roster. Another good option is pick it up on SLACK in the F3 Natville location and go to Shenanigans channel.
  6. Ricola next up for Circle Time Q April 18
  7. As always Coffeeteria at Cattywampus following the Circle Time workout
  8. We ended the COT with a reminder to be grateful and feel the blessing that is F3 and that we were able to be outside and start the day with a workout and fellowship.


  • Great to have Untouchable home and back in the Gloom.
  • Great to see some guys building back up after lengthy IR stints.
  • Good mumble chatter heard throughout the gloom this morning as guys made there way around the Meet in the Middle Grinder.
  • Huffy and Etch were dialed in on the synchronized Smurf Jacks.
  • Good partnering with DQ, Amicus, and Jayhawk this morning. Way to push through.
  • Thanks Geppetto for the opportunity to Q

As always honored to lead, Sacked