Sweat Angel 3/31/22

Weather:  Gloomy, windy, chilly, perfect.

Warm O

SSH’s, Lucky 7’s, High Jack High Jills, Sting Rippers, Abe Bagotas, Alt Lunges


Grab your two weights and we walk to Country Park, down past the fence to the beginning of the steepest part of that hill on the road connecting the two parks.

Count off in 2’s.  1’s stay at top -at station 1- and do the exercises and then grab one of the two weights -swap with someone every trip down to the lower station 2 where 2’s will carry two weights and do other exercises, then grab a weight and walk back up to the 1st station while doing some exercise with the dumbells as they walk, do the exercise there, grab a weight and walk back to station 2.

Station 1 Exercises

Calve Raises 15, Lunges 10 ea leg, Squats 15, Side Stradle Squats 10 each side, Imperial Walkers 15, Squats w a chicken wing 15, SSH’s 15

Station 2 Exercises

Merkins 10, Dive Bomber Push Ups 10, Diamond Merkins 10, Carolina Dry Docks 10, Mike Tyson’s 10, Ranger Merkins 10, Wide Merkins 10

After completing all or almost all of stations, we walked with weight back to the flag.  Mallcop said we set a record for carrying weights the farthest, but…hmmm….maybe.

Back at the flag we got into some Mary with

LBC’s, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercury’s, and wrapped it up with the American Hammer!

COT:  There was a prayer request for a sick family member.

Announcements:  Fletch mentioned that F3 Shallotte is launching their city, so if you’re in the Wrightsville/Wilmington area, look them up.

PAX was:  Fletch, Radiator, Shocker, Huffy, Mallcop, Crash, Eggplant, Jitterbug -YHQ-