Starmount Stampede


PAX: Big Sky, Pacer, Wojo, Refi, Cavity, CJ, Hazmat, Slumlord, Coach K, Hermy, Amphibious, Gilligan, Explosion, Scobby Doo, Simone, Nancy, Graffiti, Short Squeeze, Quick Draw, Thor, Cornhole (QIC), and maybe one other that left early?

The weather was just right for running. Started with the Mission noting and emphasizing we are do all three things: Plant, Grow, AND Serve. We aren’t just to do one or two of these things. We should be doing all of them all the time in Natville. Good thought to have in mind as you move through your day.

Because we had a lot of running to get to, we only did a short…


  • Abe Vigoda (4 count each side) x 10

We then went right into…

The Thang

Explained that for each running segment there would be a long path and a short path; but that both paths would group up at the same destination. Encouraged those that were over a 9 min/mile pace to take the short path and that there would always be a chance to extend it as we connected with those that took the long path. Each segment you could pick if you wanted to the long or the short path. The segments looked like this:

  • Long: Basketball courts around the baseball fields and come back on the path through the park to Walker/Ashland (about 1 mile)
  • Short: Basketball courts through the park by the windchimes to Walker/Ashland (about .5 mile)


  • 100% effort by all from Walker/Ashland to Walker/Lindell (about .15 mile)


  • Long: Down Lindell, right on Northridge, back to Walker (about 1 mile)
  • Short: Down Walker to Walker/Northridge (about .5 mile)


  • Long: Down Walker to Greenway and back to Northridge (about .6 mile)
  • Short: Down Walker to Elam and back to Northridge (about .35 mile)

Then we ran the same segments on the way back. Those that took all the long paths got about 4.6 miles on the day and those that took all the short paths got about 3 miles.

We got back to the shovel flag just in time to do Name-a-rama and COT.


To close us out, YHC talked about how easy it is for us to be judgmental of others. We see someone get defensive, or snap at their kid, or do something that seems out of character and we are so quick to make a judgment of that person. But do we really know what caused someone to act the way they did? What if we, instead of judging, used curiosity to go a bit deeper with that person? Let curiosity drive our next step vs. snap judgments. YHC challenged the PAX to be curious that day when encountering others.


  • Slumlord talked about the upcoming Jabberwocky


  • Loved seeing the drive and camaraderie of the PAX this morning. Strong effort by all no matter which path was taken
  • I have not spent much time on Twitter recently, but when I saw the “HC” from Amphibious, I knew the morning was going to be special
  • Got to catch up with Graffiti after the workout. Thanks for taking time to go a bit deeper than just surface things, brother