PAX: Lionheart (F3 Philly), Mugsy, Wojo, Windmill, Xerox (splinter), Sir Isaac, Mudflap, Ozone, Hazmat, Drizzle (Q)

It felt great outside even though temps had dropped fairly low for an April morning. There was some early mumble chatter about the final four later today as there were more fans that didn’t like either Duke or UNC so we bonded over that!

WarmaRama: SSH, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Hillbillies, Sungods with Shinooks, Imperial Walkers

PAX then began the tour of Country Park with a mosey through the main parking lot past the gates of the entry to the park.


Ladders at top of the hill leading into the park. “Tens” were the name of the game with Wojo squats and Plank Jacks performed in this segment.

PAX then moseyed along the path to the War Memorial area..

At the War Memorial area, PAX performed some bench exercises, including Dips (15), Step Ups (10 each leg), Derkins (10), and Erkins (10)

PAX then continued the tour by moseying over to WIckeds Hill area.

At Wicked’s Hill, PAX completed another ladder. This time it was “7’s” with Burpees at the top of the hill and Nolan Ryans at the bottom.

In total, we got 4 miles of running and some good ladder work in today.

Not really time for much Mary so we did one American Hammer and we were done!

Moleskin and Announcements:
-Lionheart from F3 Philly is in town with his daughter (12 years old) as she is competing in a Ninja Warrior contest at Greensboro Coliseum. The PAX wished her good luck in a video taken by Lionheart.
-Wojo dislikes UNC more than Duke and is a big fan of Stamey’s.
-Sir Isaac is a UNC fan but might like US Soccer more….
-Xerox and Drizzle are reluctantly rooting for UNC.

YHC took us out after a full hour of hard work. Always a pleasure and thanks for the opportunity to lead today, Mugsy!