We meet 5:45 PM Tuesdays at Leonard Recreation center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410. Its a great location, plenty of room, no traffic, greenways, fields and another school campus that is empty in proximity.  You can get your workout in, and be home for supper- hence the Blue Plate.

Perfect for FNG’s or Fart sackers,  or those, who prefer to give their best to work and unwind with exercise.  Workouts are UPTEMPO BOOT CAMP, and Windmill delivered a good one this Tuesday.

YHC was ready for Windmill’s return, he is now a City slicker so we know he time to plan. and plan he did.

PAX: Apollo, Damage Control, Spider, Mudflap, Underwriter, Expired, Short bus, Polo, Steinbrenner, Kevin and Windmill on the Q.

Windmill was a little nervous with 6 pax there close to the start, YHC had faith, the Plate has been steady with double digits,,,had a hunch more were coming even with some known regulars already notifying of their absence.

We took off running, spoiler- Windmill likes to run.  2.43 miles were coming, at the bridge:


  1. Windmill 15 + 5 Mountain Climbers
  2. Sun God – Chinook 4 x 10 + 10 Mountain Climbers
  3. Hillbilly 15 + 15 Mountain Climbers
  4. Imperial Walker 15 + 20 Mountain Climbers
  5. String Ripper 15

That’s 50 Mountain Climbers gents, on to more running

Thang 1

Long Mosey to school, up the hill, around parking lot and back. Six stops on the way, 2 x 20 Merkins, 2 x Lucky 7, 2 x 20 Carolina Dry docks.

Apollo shouting, Windmill, we are losing them,,,,,

Run back behind the bldg on the main campus .

Thang 2

Three cones at 20-40-60 yards, at cone 1 – 10, cone 2 -15, cone 3 – 20 reps

Run back after each – 10 Wojo Squats at baseline

  1. Crunchy Frog (IC)
  2. Dancing Bear (each side)
  3. Dying Cockroach (IC)
  4. Plank Jack
  5. Low Dolly (IC)
  6. Shoulder Tap (each side)

That’s 180 Wojo’s!  And 45 of each exercise.  Tclaps to the Pax, all helped with cadence, all pushed to complete the sets.


Ukrainian Twist – 20

COT: Short Bus lost a friend recently.  Message to all, reach out to people, let them know you care, and you can help them!  Do not assume all are OK.

Polo on the Q next week!