Date:  Tuesday, March 22, 2022

AO:  Arise

Q: FloJo

PAX:  Hazmat (RESPECT), Huggies, Telsa, Nancy, Bruce Lee, Amphibious, Snakes-on-a-plane, Short-Squeeze, Blumer, Saban, Ozone, Linda (RESPECT), & FloJo on the “Q”.

It’s officially the Spring and the end of my hibernation period. The best way to start spring is to Q. A guaranteed way to knock the winter chill off and get out of bed! I appreciated welcoming the PAX, surprised myself with remembering/proclaiming the F3 Mission (it’s really a part of me now) and then got down to business!

Warm-a-Rama:  Side-straddle hops (x12 IC), Sun-Gods x 12 IC frontward and backward x12, Shinnok’s x12 IC, String Rippers x12 IC, Merkins x5 straight into Mountain Climbers x10 IC, and Hug Thyself x6.

Q guided the PAX to the site for the BEATDOWN! On the way stopped by a mini wall to do Dips x10, went a little further down the mini wall doing Step-ups x10 IC. After recover, we crossed over Market St going in front of the courthouse, pointing out an orange cone at the 1st set of steps, continuing to the last outside courthouse steps, pointing out another orange cone, to go up to the top of the steps, collecting the PAX at another orange cone. Finally after PAX collected continued to circle the entire courthouse building ending at our 1st station, and yes another orange cone!

The Thang: Four Stations positioned at each of the four orange cones around the courthouse as pointed out by the Q! PAX are at the 1st Station, at the bottom of the stairs from the 1st station is the 2nd Station. Continue in front of the courthouse at the bottom of the last outside courthouse steps is the 3rd Station. The 4th Station is at the top of the staircase of the 3rd station. The Q directed the PAX to count out by four. All the collective numbers go to their respective stations placed around the courthouse. For Stations 1 and 3 all exercises are done then move on to the next, but for stations 2 and 4 they are AMRAP until relieved ONLY doing the 1st exercise then once returned to the respective stations do the next exercise and so on.  The Winkies at each orange cone will direct as needed, but listen for the OMAHA! 

1st Station: Merkins x 25, Squats x20, LBC’s x15, Burpees x10 

2nd Station:  AMRAP – Jump Squats, Squats, Copperhead Squats, Lunges 

3rd Station: Werkins x15, Glute Bridge March x20, Low Slow Flutters x25, Peter Parker’s x10 

4th Station: AMRAP – Mike Tyson’s, Peter Parker’s, Mtn. Climbers, SSH’s 

All the PAX were at least able to get back to their original start positions plus two more stations. Q called OMAHA then collected all PAX members with a double tap on the 10 count cooldown. Q led PAX with a mosey back to shuffle flag.

Mary: Gas-Pumps x10 IC, Heels-to-Heaven x10 IC, American Hammers x20 IC  

COT: Announcements/Prayer lead by FloJo 

We came, We worked, We conquered! PAX got better! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!