• Tuesday March 29, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • Irving Park Elementary School
  • 35° F, 43% RH

Pax (6 + 2 splinter ruckers)

Jitterbug (Respect!), Hall Pass, Ozone, Pity the Fool (Respect!), Viagra (Respect!)


Gilligan, Scooby Doo (Respect!)



The Pax were greeted and welcomed, no FNG’s were present, the Mission of F3 was expressed aloud and the disclaimer was briefly mentioned.

The Warm-A-Rama

Mosey around the block

SSH x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC

Reverse Sun Gods x 10 IC

String Ripper x 15 IC

Abe Vigoda x 15 IC


 Today’s theme was March Madness. We assembled on the basketball court and separated into two teams. Here’s how it went:


Ref (Q) calls the exercise from the list below. Both teams do the exercise while one team sends a shooter to the foul line. Shooter does 5 Merkins before he shoots.

Miss = your team does 3 burpees while other team continues the exercise.

Make the shot = opposing team does 3 burpees while your team continues the exercise.

Alternate shooters between the teams.


Al Gore

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Freddie Mercuries

Side-straddle hops


Squatted Air Claps

Carolina Drydocks

Monkey Humpers

Mountain climber

WW2 Sit-up


Crab Cakes

High knees

Plank Jacks

After the first round (This was harder than it looked on paper) we took a break to mosey around the parking lot and take a ten count.


  • Peoples choice, each man got to select his favorite exercise. YHC didn’t write them down. Use your imagination.
  • Closed out with Ukrainian Hammer x 20 IC



  • Hall Pass said Thurmanator is on the Q at Cougartown this Saturday.
  • There is also a school cleanup day this Saturday at Cougartown AO, Kernodle Middle School.
  • This week’s Tuesday bible study at Search ministries is on the book of John with Bird’s Nest on the Q. This is a weekly event. All are welcome. 0630am.


YHC closed us out.

The Moleskin

Ozone was on fire this morning, draining those free throws. The rest of us struggled. It was probably due to the improperly inflated ball.

It was an honor to lead this morning!

Radiator – out.