The theme of the boot camp was “The Tortoise and the Hare“. The goal for the Pax was to physically apply larger life themes of struggle, ease, and being fully present. The Tortoise represented times in our lives when we are stuck in the mundane drudgery of everyday life, just grinding it out. The Hare represented the ease of life when there are seasons that we get from point A to point B without much resistance and life is running smoothly. In between these themes, the Q inserted traditional exercises done very slowly to demonstrate the third theme of being fully present and not going through the motions.


The Pax completed just shy of a mile Indian Run as their warmup.


The Pax TURTLE CRAWLED (A medium-high/wide BEAR CRAWL) from STATION A to STATION B & BUNNY-HOPPED back to STATION A. At STATION A the Pax completed one of the following MERKIN movements after every TURTLE-BUNNY trip. Each MERKIN set equaled 20 reps.

  1. 10 Count Merkin
  2. Scorpion Merkin (10/10)
  3. Diamond
  4. Sphinx
  5. Seal
  6. Ranger


  1. Frog Crunch
  2. Prayer Crunch
  3. Homer Marge (Thursday-Saturday night variations)
  4. Escalating Boat Holds
  5. Heels to Heaven Pulses
  6. Alternating Leg Raises with Supinated Arm Pulses
  7. Boat Hold Single Leg Cross-Overs
  8. American Hammer with a 20lbs ball pass


Bulldog, Nails, Ozone, Bobby Knight, Stickshift, Polo & Slumlord acting QIC.