About 7 this morning I qued the nightmare. Overcast, partly cloudy and cool morning, lots going on with the pax all over the state.

Started with F3 mission, into the Pledge of Allegiance. After the pledge a sprinter group broke off and we moseyed to the church parking lot. They planked up waiting for me and did Sun Gods, ,7’s, squats, imperial walkers and Hillbillies.

Onto the thang.

5 stations, merkins, squats, heavy bag, sit ups and then Mike Tyson’s. One minute each exercise. Discussed Music, best bands, performing artist and then Wall sits, balls to the wall and lunges back to the flag.

Met with runners and prayers for the Ukraine and possible new leader for Russia. Some of out guys at races and some rucking all night long. I took us out with prayer. Thanks for allowing me to lead

Pax-windmill,snitzel,stretch, wojo, saban,sir Issac and Xerox.