AO:  Local Honey

Date:  Wednesday, March 23, 2022

QiC:  Boy Wonder

PAX (10): Newhart, Bobby Knight, Tommy Boy, Akron, Bloomers, City Slicker, Bruce Lee, Drysdale, Crawlspace, YHC Boy Wonder


Mosey, Basketball Defensive Slide, Cheerleader Slide, SSH (left, middle, right), Hillbillies, Sun Gods (sobriety style), Chinooks (sobriety style), modified Abe Vigoda (don’t come up), modified String Ripper (don’t come up), Runner’s Stretch

The Thang:

Bellemeade parking deck. Basketball defensive slide up the ramps, Karaoke on the flats. Exercises are at both west and east ends of the deck. The west side exercises are 20 SC (10 each side), the east side is always Staggered Hand Merkins 10 (5 each side).

Level 1:  Cumberland County Viaducts, Staggered Merkins

Level 2:  Star Side Planks, Staggered Merkins

Level 3:  Side Lunges, Staggered Merkins

Level 4:  Al Gore Side Steps, Staggered Merkins

Level 5:  Bird Dogs, Staggered Merkins

Level 6:  Side Pull Ups (on the rail), Staggered Merkins

Turn around and repeat on the way down


10 IC- Freddy Mercuries, OneBCs (LBCs with one leg straight; switch legs), Cuban Missile Crisis (Sit Ups with one leg straight; switch legs), Cindy Crawfords, American Hammers (or lower back-friendly modify)


Lateral (adjective): of, at, toward or from the side or sides

Strengthening your lateral (side) muscles helps you prevent injury to yourself, but we rarely (if ever) exercise those muscles. Strengthening your character muscles (humility, empathy, compassion, selflessness) not only strengthens us, but everyone beside (laterally) us. That’s what community really is, at it’s core. Serving those at your side.


Shouts out to PAX who we (I) haven’t seen in a long time, wherever they may be. Reach out to them:

Dr. Phil, Prophet, Chips, Woody, Tebow, Jordache, Crab Legs, Woody, Wide Left, I-Beam, Magic, Nomad, Wilson