This morning,at 525 I thought a FNG was joining us. It turned out he is a veteran and was in the area on business. Welcome anytime Rudy from Columbia SC. Rudy was not given to him because of the ND MOVIE, one of my favorites but his last name is Crosby as in Bill. I guess the pax figured Rudy was the name of the youngest Crosby kid.


Well, wet and rather than stand around we got down to it. Here is how it went:

Slow and deliberate: Sun Gods, Chanooks, windwills, 7’s and leg stretches.

Next lunge walk with a sandbag coupon to the tennis court stairs.

Ladder at the top assending 1 merkin, at the bottom 10 squats. You get it

Next Railing plank pull ups, another guy descends with the 40 lb sandbag, alternating. Each guy goes twice, up and down.

Next MARY, FOR US MORE MATURE (AKA old) Along comes Mary THE ASSOCIATION Group from the 1960’s.

– flutter kicks.        -LBC.       V ups.  – American hammers or as we used to call them Ukrainian Twist

-Box cutters.         – X’s & O’s.

-Homer/Marge.       – City slicker choice and Rudy choose an exercise

Always a pleasure leading in the gloom. I don’t care about the weather and COT ENDED the workout. Thank you Boy Wonder, Rudy, Jiggles, City slicker and of course Snooki on the Q