3/5/2022 Cornwallis Nightmare- Choose your own destiny 

PAX x 12 (with 2 splinter ruckers)

Sacked (respect), Norwood (disguised as Xerox), Schnitzel (respect), Goku, Stretch (respect), Drizzle (respect), Sir Isaac (respect), Mudflap (respect), Mugssy,  DQ (QIC)

Splinter Ruckers- Houlihan, Bruce Lee


  • Warm-a-rama 

SSH (IC) x 15

String Rippers x 10 

Windmill x 10

Imperial walkers (IC) x 20

Sun Gods x 15 forward, x 15 back

Shinooks x 15 forward, x 15 reverse

As the Thang would depend heavily on the ability of the Pax to hit some shots/free throws 3 minutes of shooting practice was given

  • The Thang

Each of the 10 bootcampers were given a chance to shoot a free throw

The plan was if % was 

>76.6% (UNC basketball shooting percentage at that time)- pax could earn 5 additional minutes of shoot around time

50-76.6%= layup line workout

25-50%= Hanging by a prayer workout in church parking lot

<25%= Wicked’s Free throw folly


UNFORTUNATELY we were only able to make 1/10 free throws on round one and headed down to Wicked’s Free Throw folly. We stopped 3x along the way to gather the group to do 15 merkins at stop 1, 15 squats at stop 2, 15 mountain climbers IC at stop 3. 


At Wicked’s Free Throw Folly- 2 man grinder was performed. 1 man ran to top of wicked’s folly and did 7 burpees while AMWRAP was at the bottom. Men worked their way down to 1 burpee with AMWRAP as follow’s at the bottom of wicked’s folly-

Round 1- squats (burpees 7, 6)

Round 2- side straddle hops (burpees 5, 4)

Round 3- LBCs (Burpees 3, 2)

Round 4- monkey humpers (burpees 1,1)

Original plan was for each man to do 7 burpees at top then 6 etc- but we an audible was called to make sure we had time to improve on our free throws! 


After wicked’s free throw folly we moseyed back to the basketball court with a short cut. We made 2 more stops I believe with copper head squats and low slow flutters x 15 each. Pax that made it to the basketball court got a chance to shoot for another minute or so to sharpen their skills. 

An executive decision was made to allow the pax to attempt a layup if they missed their free throw. The team did not want to go back to wicked’s folly- all men stepped up and we made 9/10 (when allowing for the make up free throw)! Team was thus allowed to shoot for 3-5 minutes before we had to head back for Mary/COT. 

Because we never shot between 25-76.6% we missed out on the fun of the layup line and hanging on a prayer workout- I will save those for the future! 

  • Mary

LBCs x 15 IC

Low Dolly x 15 IC

Freddy Mercuries x 15 IC

American Hammers x 15 IC

  • Announcements

3.21 Down’s Syndrome Race coming up on 3/19/21

Still a little cold out so we were going to head to delicious to hang out with the men of the Dash! 

  • COT 

YHC took us out

  • Moleskin

-Tclaps to Stretch for making out to multiple workouts this week for the first time in many months working back from injury

-Tclaps to Houlihan for getting out and putting in some work despite his injury

-Special thanks to all of the many veterans I could look to when I needed to audible or if I was stumbling over my words or the count! 


Thanks as always for the opportunity to serve!