It was a good and glorious morning for mayhem delivered in the form of a four-corner mosey peppered with a healthy portion of burpees.


Side Straddle Hop (20IC)


The Pax ran around Irving Park Elementary stopping at each of the four corners to perform 10-OYO burpees. In total, the Pax chaulked up one hundred ten burpees with two & a half miles run before returning to the [C]Oc[k]togon for Bring Sally Up [AMRAP: high-low plank variations] and the Jump (Van Hallen) [AMRAP: squat repeats with a star-jump for every “jump” sung by VH].


The Q wound up the “f[p]unishment” with the American-Hammer (3IC).


Butt Fumble mentioned a service opportunity at the Servant Center.

The Q mentioned the upcoming CSAUPs: The Jabberwocky (June 22′), The Bo Derek (Late July), and the first annual Bubba Fett (September).


Butt Fumble, Scooby-Doo, Grater, Pity the Fool, Radiator, Gilligan, Fanny Pack, and Slumlord-QIC.