Following in an unspoken tradition among some of Natville, I grabbed the Q on YHC’s birthday. Being the same location of YHC’s 40th birthday Q, I reran that workout somewhat. Sorry TPS & Matlock -two of the unfortunate souls that were at both.

Pax: Geppetto, Sacked, TPS, Jitterbug, Ricola, Gerkin, Buck, JR, Matlock, DQ, Slumlord, Blanch, Red Dragon, Eggplant, Airball, Foot Fairy, Roscoe, Bodett



Neck Roll right IC; left IC

Sungods forward IC x 10; backwards IC x 10; palms up try and touch your thumbs behind you

String Rippers x 10 IC

Copperhead Squats x 10 IC

Abe Vigoda  x 10 IC

Jump Ropes x 10 IC

Michael Phelps x 10 IC

Arm Stretch right across then over; left across then over

Runners Stretch right forward; left forward

Short mosey to circle –  bearcrawl around circle


  • Peoples chair around building- 3 arm raises, run to end of line. This was completed until sifnificant burning of thighs which found us at the rear of the school.

On the field:

Lindsey’s: A 40  Ladder workout

Start with 5 Merkins here, sprint 40 yards, 35 Wojo Squats.

Increase/decrease in increments of 5 each time.

Plank when you are done for a 40 count. Then go and join up with someone that is not finished and work through the rest of the ladder with them.

2nd round shortened to 11s:

Start with 1 Good Mornings, sprint 40 yards, 10 WWII sit-ups

Increase/decrease in increments of 1 each time.

At this point time


Back to the wall at school for:

BTTW- Auzzie Mt. Climbers IC x 20


LSF x 23 IC

LBC x 23

American Hammer x 23 IC




  • Great effort Gerkin, you inspired me to keep pushing
  • As always- Red Dragon-appreciate your encouragement
  • Sacked, Eggplant, Matlock, TPS – you guys have witnessed most of my F3 journey. Thank you for being there today for my Birthday Q
  • Slumlord- thanks to you also, I have missed you in the gloom.