AO:  Shake Weight

Date:  Tuesday, March 8, 2022

QiC:  Boy Wonder

PAX (17):  Phoenix, Frosty, Bromance, Flapjack, Philly Special, Oil Slick, Drifter, Gecko, (Copperhead) Fannie, Snooki, Waffle, CJ, Scratch, Poehler, Houlihan (Kotters), YHC Boy Wonder

Warm-A-Rama: All 15 IC, Squatted Air Claps, Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods, Modified String Ripper, Hamstring Hang, Abe Vigoda, Hillbillies


The Thang:  Tabata beatdown- 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off

Copperhead (CH) Calf Raises, CH Goblet Squats, CH Lunges (Right leg, then Left), CH Bicep Curls, CH Tricep Ext, CH Shoulder Press, CH Chest Flys, CH Chest Press, CH Flock of Vultures (Flock of Seagulls), CH Bent Over Row,

Core: CH LBCs, CH Cindy Crawfords (Right, then Left), CH Homer-to-Marge,

Repeat CH Circuit

Core: CH LBCs, CH E2K (Right, then Left), CH Dying Cockroaches


6MOM:  Freddy Mercuries, Low Dollys, Low Slow Flutter, American Hammer


COT:  As we watch the death and destruction in Ukraine at the hands of Vladimir Putin, don’t be fooled into thinking that men of his kind are “rare.” Destructive men are actually not all that rare and are unfortunately all around us. Remember that Joseph Stalin, Benito Musollini, Adolf Hitler AND Emperor Hirohito all existed at the same time and were all close in age. Each man had millions of people killed BEFORE World War II had even started.  Guard your mind against the evil desires of the flesh (lust for power, lust for money, immorality, idolatry, fits of anger, etc.).