Date: 3/5/2022

AO: Wakanda

24 PAX:  Scratch, FNG now Mr. Miyagi, Settlement, Limp Biscuit, Square, Root, Wojo, Slumlord, Tarzan, Thunder, Mix Tape, HBO, Bono (welcome to eastern NC!), Pitboss, Double Pump, Flo Jo, Don’t Cha Know, Saban, Guiding Light, John Constostean, City Slicker

QIC: Tesla and 2.0 Chewy


24 strong joined us today.  QIC explained that we were preparing for March Madness with a Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and Final Four beatdown.  PAX moseyed over to the circle and…



16 reps for each exercise:

Side Straddle Hops

Hill Billies

Imperial Walkers

Mountain Climbers

Arm Circles

PAX looked warm so we moseyed down to the bleachers for…


Sweet Sixteen pre THANG

Run up the bleachers, run down the bleachers

Side-shuffle from one staircase to the next and back

That’s 4 run laps.

Do that 4x for 16 total.

Sugar Rays that finish early can add 10 merkins and plank for the Six.

PAX crushed it and looked ready for more, so we trotted down to the track…


Elite Eight THANG

With an FNG and some 2.0s, we took a run around the track to all Elite Eight stations for demonstrations.

Groups split into 2s or 3s per station.

AMRAP each station until you are relieved in a “chain reaction” tabata.  QIC led the tabata every 60 secs.  Exercises:

Ranger Merkins

Murder Bunnies

Donkey Kicks

Bent Rows

WWII Situps

Monkey humpers

Sumo Squats

Carolina Dry Docks

PAX got thru 1 1/2 rounds of the Elite Eight.  Q called an Omaha and we gathered.  Mosey back to the shovel flag circle for…


Final Four – 6MOM begins

Qs (including Chewy) called out the exercises and PAX switched between them as we saw sweat pour down and faces scrunch up.  Exercise circuit went thru 2-3x:

Chill Cut Plank

Super man


Rocket man

Rinse & Repeat


PAX looked cooked, but we couldn’t finish just yet so we recovered and went right into:


National Championship

Q split the group and half for them to stare each other down.

Half of the group did 7 merkins while the other group executed Al Gores.  When they finished, we switched.

We then did a countdown and swapped:

7 merkins, switch to Al Gores

6 merkins, switch to Al Gores

5 merkins, switch, 4, 3, 2, 1

PAX stared each other down and growled a bit, but all finished strong.


Champion Cutting Down the Net

All PAX, 1 American Hammer for the win!  Great job!


COT and Announcements

– CSAUP in May – Triple Lindy – 3 Murphs and 8 miles in 2 1/2 hours, training is beginning in the form of ECs at multiple workouts – Quaker Crater, Natty’s Hump, Death Star, the Murph, etc.  Join the training for the fellowship and get better.

– Grief Group 13 week session starts on Mondays at 7pm ish soon.  Talk to City Slicker if you or someone you know may benefit from leaning on others in a group setting.

– Bono did a great job explaining Grow Ruck: “Take the leadership principles you are learning in F3 each week, and spend a weekend pushing them from your head into your heart as they become more real to you.”  Join Akron and others for the Greenville one coming soon!

– Great fellowship at Biscuitville coffeteria afterwards!


Square, appreciate you and others who have made Wakanda the place to be.  Love the group chat you have rolling and the continued fellowship. Was blessed this AM!

Slummy – thanks for pushing us with the CSAUPs and the fellowship!  Appreciate you brother.

Encouraged by this group.  A privilege to lead today.