The Pax of the Shire were treated to a “micro-movement” beatdown of epic proportions. Read on to learn more.


The boys ran a short mosey to Summerfield Elementary for Sun God variations and other special movements, such as, suspended L-Sit to Table-Top Bridge & Accordion Plank Walk-Outs off the curb.


In between Sprint Intervals, the Pax performed the following movements:

  • Merkin (10 count up & down)
  • Squat (10 count up & down)
  • Carolina Dry-Dock (10 count up & down)
  • Split Squat (10 count up & down)
  • V-Up (5 count up & down)
  • Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift (10 count up & down)
  • Dive Bomber (10 count up & down)
  • B-Stance Squat (10 count up & down)
  • Cobra-Twist Merkin (5 count up & down)
  • Squat into Side to Side Lunge (Super Slow)
  • Rocking Chair Squat/Al Gore


  • Hill Billy (Super Slow)
  • American Hammer *Driving the Bus (Hands-on an imaginary bus steering wheel at 10 & 2)


The Q mentioned the 4th annual Jabberwocky CSAUP coming up in June 2022. The Q delivered “honor shirts” to well-deserving Pax and then led the boys in prayer.

Pax in attendance

Hoosier, Red Dragon, Air Ball, Foot Fairy, TPS, Bulldog, Weed, JR, Stickshift, Cottontail, Black Swan, JZ, Xerox, ESL, All Blacks & Slumlord-QIC.