Location: Sad Clown Killer

Date: 02/24/2022.

Time: 0530

Conditions: 37F, no breeze.

PAX (Count 14):  TPS (R), Slumlord, Airball, Pity the Fool (R), All Blacks, JR, Stick-shift, Red Dragon, Wicked (R), Matlock (R), Xerox (R), Hoosier (R), Black Swan and Foot Fairy (QIC)

At 0530 F3 disclaimer and mission statement delivered.


Goofballs IC- 20

Chicken Wings IC 10 fwd and 10 rev, 10 Airclaps and 10 Moroccan Nightclubs IC

Abe Vigoda – 10

String Rippers – 10

Copperhead Squats 10

Assorted Stretches- delts, tris, pecs, rhomboids, hammy, runners


Mosey over to the bus parking lot.

Thang 1: 5 stations

Station 1: Pace-setter—5 Pull ups and run over to Bump station 2

Station 2: Tire pulls, Kettlebell swings, block press (Pax choice- AMRAP)

Station 3: Battle ropes, jump rope or Imperial walkers (Pax choice- AMRAP)

Station 4: Squats, Lunges, side lunges and Monkey humpers

Station 5: LBCs, Low slow flutter, Low dollies, plank jacks


15 E2Ks each side- IC

15 Gas-pumps

1 American Hammer


2/26: Blood drive

Upcoming events: Jabberwockie and “The Bobba Fett”

Wicked took the PAX out in prayer—“Caskets Come Quick”.

Honored to lead.