Date 2/19/22

AO Nordic Tract

PAX Big Worm, Stickshift, Hoosier, Byrider (Q)


I arrived early-ish to find Stickshift wandering around with a plate carrier on. Guess he expected it to get rough at North West. Shortly after Big Worm rolled up. Hoosier came rolling in driving a jeep……harder to hear him coming when he’s not in the diesel.

Pleasantries were exchanged and the tailgate on the truck dropped to reveal today’s toys…BLOCKS

We warmed up and moseyed over near the middle school.

Thang 1

Up both sets of stairs and back to start with exercises each lap.



Low Slow Flutter

Then over to wall for donkey kicks


Long mosey back to shovel flag to get blocks


Thang 2 was a lap around perimeter of student parking lot with stops at corners. We bear crawled with blocks for the 1st 100 yard stretch (crowd favorite).

Corner 1 Pull through merkins with block

We John Cusacked with the blocks to corner two

Corner 2  ab wipers over the block

Lunge walk  to the next corner

Corner 3 (Forgot blame O2 depravation)

We finished the last stretch by completing crawl bears with blocks



Wiked Wipers with knees bent

X’s and O’s

Homer and Marge with Outlaws mixed in


YHC took us out.