AO: Slammin’ Sammie’s Smackdown

Date: February 16, 2022

PAX: Big Sky (R), Mall Cop, Snakes on a Plane, Nancy, Belschnickel, Bushwood, Short Squeeze, Cornhole, and Eggplant (R).

QIC: Eggplant

YHC arrived at the shovel at 5:20 and the PAX started rolling in soon after.  The EC runners emerged from the gloom with headlamps blazing so the anticipation was building.  At 5:28 we had 7 PAX assembled, and I commented that one more would be nice so we could split into even groups for The Thang.  Immediately, Big Sky came out of the darkness from his own EC mosey answering the call.  Promptly at 5:30, the mission and disclaimer were delivered to the assembled PAX and we began a short mosey towards the larger parking lot.  While on the way out our 9th PAX came in hot, so he was collected and we proceeded on our way to:


  • Side-straddle hop 20 IC
  • String-ripper 15 IC
  • Windmill (respect style) 10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers 15 IC
  • Merkins 10
  • Sun-gods forward 15 IC
  • Sun-gods backward 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 15 IC
  • Cobra Squats 15 IC

The pax warmed, we moseyed to the parking lot behind Peace United CoC for:


4 stations were set up in the parking lot with their own weinke.  On each were three exercises and the method to be used to proceed to the next station.  On each round, the pax would do one exercise, then on the subsequent round the following exercise would be performed, etc.  The Thang explained we split into 3 groups since that worked cleanly with 9 PAX and proceeded to the assigned stations:

Station 1

  1. 20 Nolan Ryans (10 per side)
  2. 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  3. 20 Ranger Merkins

High Knees to next station

Station 2

  1. 20 Crunchy Frogs IC
  2. 20 X’s and O’s
  3. 20 WWII Sit Ups

Butt kicker to next station

Station 3

  1. 20 Merkins
  2. 20 Mike Tysons
  3. 20 Mountain Climbers (IC)

Bear Crawl to next station

Station 4

  1. 20 Star Jumps
  2. 20 Monkey Humper IC
  3. 20 Squats

Sprint to Station 1

We made it through the three rounds and had just started to rinse and repeat when OMAHA was called.  We began the mosey back to the shovel flag.  At the entrance to Lindley Park, the 6 was collected.  After re-grouping Mall Cop called JAILBREAK to the shovel and the sugar rays sprinted into the gloom.  One of the jailbreak participants told YHC later “that was too far from the shovel to start a jailbreak,” so T-Claps to Mall Cop for pushing the PAX. Once we all collected back at the shovel flag it was time for:


  • Various un-named stretches
  • Freddie Mercuries, Foghat style (Slow Ride) 15 IC
  • Low-Slow Flutters 15 IC
  • LBCs 15 IC
  • American Hammers 10 IC


Big Sky took us out.


Enjoyed being with these men in the gloom to start the day the hard way.  T-claps to the co-site Qs for the homegrown Coffeteria.  Appreciate the opportunity to lead.