2/16/21 Blue Line

PAX- Tent City, Nails, Diamond Dave (from F3 Foothills!), Cottontail (QIC)


Decided to re-use a workout from a couple years ago at Col Hard Fax in which we made use of all 171 parking spots at Colfax Elementary.  Only slight modifications for today.



  • SSH- 15 IC
  • Sun gods- 10 IC forward, 10 IC backward.  Cadence from YHC was embarrassing on this one.  But I recovered!
  • String rippers- 15 IC
  • Imperial walkers- 15 IC
  • Neck stretch.  Just cause my neck hurts.


Thang- exercises done at parking spots to cover the entire property:

  1. 20 spots Bearkin crawls- bear crawl w/ merkin at each line
  2. 20 spots lunge walks w/ squat at each line
  3. 7 spots broad jump burpees
  4. 20 spots Mike Tyson crawl- bear crawl w/ back horizontal squat at each line
  5. 20 spots crab walks w/ dip at each line
  6. 12 spots ascending merkin ladder- 1 merkin at first line, 2 at second, etc. up to 12
  7. 18 bus spots Paula Abduls- sprint 2 lines forward, backpedal one line, repeat all the way across
  8. 7 spots broad jump burpees
  9. 30 spots crawl beat w/ plank jack at each line.  Had a note from last time that this was stupid so gave PAX permission to sub in walking between the lines w/ Imperial Walkers at each line when their shoulders were smoked
  10. 10 spots ascending squat ladder- 2 squats at first line, 4 at second line, etc. up to 20
  11. 7 spots broad jump burpees

Finished with a lap of the blue line.



  • LBC- 15 IC
  • Chili parkers- 15 IC
  • American Hammers- 15 IC


  • Several requests for personal and family struggles.  Good reminders that (1) you never know what others have going on behind the scenes and (2) F3 is great aid in helping you get through them.
  • YHC took us out.