Date: 2/3/2022

Weather: 39 degrees, 100% humidity and RAIN, lots of RAIN

Pax: Gilligan, Sacked (yes, THAT Sacked, the Nantan) – War Daddy, Norwood, Nancy, Scooby Doo, Etch-a-Sketch, Quick Draw – War Baby, Wojo (QIC)

39 Degrees and rain – isn’t that just PERFECT running weather?!? Okay, so maybe it’s not, but that didn’t stop 8 stud horses from showing up and showing off in the gloom.

As with our own F3 Greensboro Nantan, Sacked, making his FIRST appearance at a running workout, YHC had to both have a great workout AND cover all the proper Q bases. I started with the Mission Statement and asked for PAX participation in naming the 5 Core Principles and the Credo – of course they nailed it!

With the AO so wet, we expanded our circle in the parking lot to get loose for our work.


  • Side Straddle Hop x 12 IC
  • String Ripper X 12 IC
  • Abe Vigoda Windmills X 12 IC

Enough warm up, rain started picking up so it was time to RUN! Mosey from parking lot, left to Market and across Market to the Starmount Dr./Beverly Pl. intersection. From here, PAX were asked to continue to mosey down Starmount to Knollwood. As we moseyed, Refi (yes, next week’s Q) passed us in his car on the way to run on a treadmill.


Today’s workout is about fast hill repeats, in both directions. The way to run faster is to practice running fast, and hills are one of the best way to increase VO2 and leg strength. With a bunch of guys getting ready for the Massacre Marathon Relay, Palmetto 200, and the big bunch of spring races.

We started with Uphill fast repeats

  • Up Knollwood to Madison, recover back down
  • Up Wedgedale to Madison, recover back down
  • Up West Brentwood to Madison, recover down to Forestdale
  • Up East Brentwood, recover down to Forestdale and continue recovery back to Brentwood

Then it was time for Downhill fast repeats

  • Down Madison from Brentwood to Wedgedale, recover up to Knollwood
  • Down Madison from Knollwood to Wedgedale, recover up to Knollwood
  • Down Knollwood to Starmount, recover to Wedgedale
  • Down/Over Starmount to Beverly, then final down back to parking lot

Total Mileage – 3.85


  • Standing American Hammer X 10 IC
  • Lateral Lunge Stretch
  • Front Hamstring Stretch


Announcements & Moleskin

  • Thanks for showing up today – the weather stunk, and Nancy even opted to run an errand to Sheetz at 5 am instead of his usual EC run, but you guys showed up to get better was really impressive!
  • Sacked has been promising to post for a run workout where YHC was the Q and it was inspiring for me to have you join us today. And you PUSHED it today. Well done!
  • Refi…treadmill, really?
  • We were all chasing Quick Draw and Norwood, but Gilligan seems to get faster with every run! Etch-A-Sketch was consistently strong throughout the workout.
  • Even Scooby Doo, who apparently was forced by Gilligan to post, pushed it and enjoyed the wet gloom.
  • Prayer requests went out for Xerox for his collarbone break and pending surgery, Nomex with his infection and continued prayers for BedBug.

I took us out – always and honor and privilege to Q.