Jan 28, 2022


Pax – Hoosier, Kaizen, Fireball, BullDog, Nails, Airball, Bobby Knight, TPS, FootFairy (Lost Keys), Ozone, Hall Pass

Q – Red Dragon

Thought it would snow.  Planned on going to the red ant hill.  Told guys to bring sleds if possible – Some Did.

Every 15 yards up the hill there is an exercise.

10 Burpees

20 Squats

30 Merkins

40 LBC

50 SSH

Climb the hill stopping as a group at each station.

Get to the top, some slid down the hill on a sled, some slid down on their feet.

Repeat 5 times

FF lost his keys and the group took the time to find them.

Good Times.