Feb 2 – Ground Hog Day

Pax – Airball, Geppeto, Foot Fairy, Stickshift, Centerfold, Slumlord, DQ, GoKu, JR

Q Red Dragon


This was my ground hog day performance from 2018 that has been put on at other locations on Feb 2 to remember my VQ and groundhog day.

The reason why we were there was stated.  The fact that the Pax could not sue anyone was pointed out and the Q made sure that the Pax knew not to push themselves beyond their limits, because he was not going to be responsible for something like that is his first experience as the Q.

That being said the Q welcomed the Pax to the GROUND HOG Day F3 Massacre.  He explained that as in the movie Ground Hog Day the Pax will be doing a lot of the same things over and over.  One added Bonus – Every time the Pax heard the name “Phil Conners”, they needed to drop and give 5 hands free merkins OYO, then back to the routine.

From there The Mosey around the parking lot – This was the path for Station one of the Thang.

Warm a Rama

Jog Through and Back

Side Shuffles

Lunge with a Twist- 5 HF Merkins

Side to Side

Bunnie Hops over Cones

Slow Low Back Pedals – 5 HF Merkins

One Leg Side To Side

Other Leg Side To Side

Sprint – 5 HF Merkins

  1. The Thang –

Split into Groups of 3 – Come Up with a Team name or code word that is called out when you are ready to release your teammate – know we are in a residential area, please keep it down the best you can.

Station 1 – 5 Burpees – Big Lap Around Parking Lot – You are the lead your pace dictates how much your teammates are working.  The faster you go, the fresher they are for you.

Station 2 – 25 Merkins – Bear Crawl to Half – Lunge other Half – Rinse and Repeat till released to station 3

Station 3 – Hershel Walkers –

25 – LBCs – at bottom of the hill

75% to full Sprint to Top of the Hill where the cone is

25 – Merkins – at the top of the Hill

Jog Down the Hill

Rinse and Repeat till released to Station 1

  1. 6 Minutes of Mary

PLANK – Straight 15seconds – HIP TURNS – 20 – Pickle Pushers – 20 – Straight – 15 seconds


Flutter Kicks

American Hammer


Thank you to the PAX for coming out.  I really enjoyed the opportunity and look forward to the next one.  I started working out with F3 in the second week of December and thank everyone for making me feel so welcome.  There are not many places in life, that you can walk in and within 6 weeks be encouraged enough to take the lead yourself.

F3 is a big part of my life right now.  I appreciate all of you and cannot wait to continue to Plant,Serve, And Grow Men’s Small Workout Groups, in order to reinvigorate male and community leadership – You all have done a great job for me and I am someone who believes in paying it forward.  Thank you and please come to the Sweat Angel if you are looking to see the next stage of the Red Dragon.