2/5/2022 Cornwallis Nightmare

PAX x 17 (with 4 splinter runners)

Goku, Sacked (respect), Daphne (respect), Flapjack, Red card, Sir Isaac (respect), Mugsy, Mudflap (respect), Bromance, Waffle (FNG), Bones, Joey, DQ (QIC)

Splinter Runners- Jitterbug (respect), Centerfold, Drizzle (respect), Wojo (respect)

Today we did a tribute to the Greensboro 4/Woolworth sit ins with our warm up and stations. 

Warm-a-rama (thanks to Goku for leading this!)

SSH x 2

4×4  x 1

SSH x 19

Ring of fire with 60 push ups

The numbers signified 2/1/1960- the date the Greensboro 4 (4 incredibly strong black NC A&T students) sat down at the Woolworth “whites only” counter in peaceful protest fighting for integration.

The Thang

We did a tour around country park (full circle)  with 6 stations with 1 to honor each of the 4 men (Ezell Blair Jr, David Richmond, Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil) and 1 to honor the spread of their action locally as well as 1 to recognize progress made but also fact that this all was a long and continuing process. We did 4x4s to start at each station to “remember the 4”

Station 1 (at the triangle where deer used to be)- Ezell Blair Jr

  • 4×4- x1 
  • B-urpees x4
  • L-unges x8
  • A-lternating shoulder taps IC x 12
  • I-mperial walkers x 16
  • R-everse crunches x 10

Station 2 (parking lot near the playground)- David Richmond

  • 4×4- x1 
  • D(avid)- ry docks x8
  • 55 count wall sits to honor the 55 cities in 13 states that sit ins spread to within months
  • R(ichmond)- osalitas IC x 16
  • 55 count wall sits to honor the 55 cities in 13 states that sit ins spread to within months

Station 3 (base of hill to the memorial)- 300

  • 4×4- x1 
  • 3 man grinder. Goal at the base of the hill was to perform 300 squats cumulatively to honor the 300 people that stepped up to join the sit ins within a matter of days locally in Greensboro. At the memorial teams did step ups until relieved (modification/variation was dips if needed). We had a perfect 12 for this (plus Joey!). 

Station 4 (in front of dog park)- Franklin McCain

  • 4×4- x1 
  • F(ranklin)-lutter kicks x 12
  • M(cCain)-erkins x 12

Station 5 (base of wicked’s folly)- Joseph McNeil

  • 4×4- x1 
  • J(oseph)-acks (plank jacks) x 12
  • M(onkey jumpers) x 12- basically squat jumps but take hands to behind ankles like monkey humpers position

Station 6 (top of hill before running back to the flag)

  • 4×4- x1 
  • We discussed that it took 180 days but Woolworth’s did finally allow black customers. We also discussed that the battle for civil rights (spanning most of 1960s and 1970s) was a prolonged battle and that a Woolworth’s sit in located in Mississippi in 1963 saw violence perpetrated against the peaceful protestors fighting for integration. It still took many years to fight for equal rights and we continue to need to fight for justice today (I personally believe God will help lead us to the battles we are called to). Sacked pointed out that F3 is open to all men as one of its core tenants-all are welcome and all are wanted in this space. 


  • American Hammer x 4


  • Blood drive at Bright Star Offices on February 26th- please sign up! 
  • 100 push up challenge per day (outside of workouts) per month of february
  • Keep Xerox in mind with upcoming surgery


  • Named former FNG Seth, now dubbed Waffle!
  • YHC took us out


  • Tclaps to Sacked for sharing the significance of our local F3 greensboro logo with the Greensboro 4 standing proudly across the back. It meant so much to me this week when I saw the twitter post and realized who the 4 men were on our logo! 
  • Proud of young Goku leading his first Warm-a-rama
  • Always impressed by Bones pushing Joey around for all the miles we do! Also impressed by Joey for hanging in there so long- he made it for 55 minutes then Bones had to pull out his impressive fathering skills 🙂
  • Tclaps to Waffle who did an incredible job on his first time out!


Thanks again for the opportunity to serve!