When   1/27/22

QIC        Snowflake

The Pax:  Socrates, Viagra (R), DQ, Shocker (R), Radiator (RR), Egg Plant (R), Jitter Bug (RR)


With an average age of 53, 8 PAX worked through a variety of exercise options with weights in 20 degree weather.  Respect was in the air, including 2 PAX that are getting after it at 60+.  DQ was there to represent the younger generation.  The F3 mission statement and disclaimers were delivered.  This is what followed:

Warm a rama

Imperial Walkers – 15IC
Sun Gods – 12IC each way
String rippers – 15IC
Windmills – 15IC
4 x 4 – 10 (although the Q had a very difficult time counting – blame it on the temperature)

The Pax paired off

The Thang

Weights and coupons on the curb. Cones ~30ft away
Use weights or coupons for every exercise
Partner A at the weight station – one exercise at a time, AMRAP, until relieved
Partner B travels back and forth to the cone:
To get to the cone: PAX option – bear crawl/crab walk, forward or backward
At the cone: PAX option – 10 merkins (any variety) or 10 squats (any variety)
To get back to the weights: PAX Option – Lunge walk/Duck walk/LT. Dans

Weight Station

Calf Raises
Overhead Tricep Extensions
Upright Row
Clean and Press
Single arm bent rows – alternate every 10 reps
Dips (weights across legs)
Flock of Sea Gulls
Bench Press
Goblet Squats
WWII Sit Ups
Overhead Press
Copperhead Squats


LBC’s 15IC
LSF Crunches 12IC
Homer Marge 10
American Hammers 10IC


  • Keep PAX on the IR or MIA in your thoughts. Reach out. Connection is vital. Special shout out to Houlihan recovering from surgery.  Radiator – TY for this reminder.


  1. #TClaps to Egg Plant and Radiator for getting in a lap around the lake before the no-run workout. Strong
  2. There was some discussion about Socrates’ winter attire or lack thereof. Most of it was not fit for publication.
  3. Viagra is a monster on bear crawls. One PAX described it as “drifting” on all fours.
  4. JB showed up a bit late – had to make sure he turned his burners off. Would have a been a demerit for our newest firefighter otherwise.
  5. Shocker – glad to have you and way to get after it.
  6. DQ – made the rest of us feel a little older. Great to have the spry generation in the gloom.

COT – YHC took us out. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.