AO: Inkwell

Date: 1/27/2022

Temp: 21 degrees F

QIC: Tesla

PAX: 90210, Boy Wonder, FloJo, Saban


QIC fumbled his keys getting out the door this morning and was promptly a minute late for the Q!  No worries, we said pleasantries, agreed it was cold, and immediately moseyed to the tennis courts for a higher vantage point.



Side straddle hops ensued…for a while.  YHC provided a monologue while PAX moved.  F3 Mission was discussed.  Staying warm was discussed.  The opportunity for AO adventure was discussed.

SSS recovery.  Run to other side of tennis courts.  More exercises:

Sun Gods


Imperial Walkers

Mountain Climbers

String Rippers

Time to mosey again.



Instructions:  QIC explained we’d explore the AO while staying together.  PAX stuck with the QIC for a run to each “station.”  At each station, PAX started at one level of the pyramid with an exercise and worked their way back to the base of the pyramid, then moseyed to the next station.  Here’s what happened at the stations:

  • Station 1 – Back parking lot; 15 Squats; mosey to next station
  • Station 2 – Near the stadium entrance; 13 merkins, People’s chair against wall for count of 50; mosey
  • Station 3 – Tried to run across back of school, but locked gate.  No problem, opportunity for PAX to get a longer mosey in and stay warmer.  Ran up to top of hill.  11 leg ups, 13 merkins, 15 squats; mosey
  • Station 4 – Bottom of front parking lot; 9 crab cakes, 11 leg ups, 13 merkins, 15 squats; mosey
  • Station 5 – Side of school under cover; 7 cindy crawfords each side, 9 crab cakes, 11 leg ups, 13 merkins, People’s chair against wall count up to 50; Mosey
  • Station 6 – Another stop; 5 carolina dry docks, 7 cindys; 9 crab cakes, 11 leg ups, 13 merkins, 15 Squats
  • Station 7 – Another stop; 3 LBCs, 5 dry docks, 7 cindys, 9 crab cakes, 11 leg ups, 13 merkins, 15 squats
  • Station 8 – On track near gate; 1 burpee, 3 LBCs, 5 Dry Docks, 7 Cindy Crawfords, 9 crab cakes, 11 leg ups, 13 merkins, 15 squats;  PAX finished the pyramid; Mosey on home


Arrived just in time for 15 American Hammers.  Great job, PAX!



We discussed what matters in life and YHC referenced a TED talk about a 75 year study on two cohorts of Americans to try to find out.  Turns out people say what their goals are prioritized as Money, Fame and Achievement when young, yet as they finish life, those happiest have one thing in common:  Strong Relationships. 

The PAX of F3 Greensboro would certainly agree.