Saturday January 22. Left the house at 600 and got to the park at 652. Coming slow on on plowed 85 or 73 north. 7 brave souls and your Q.

Gunny rucked, Xerox, Settlement, Hoosier ran and only VQ, Mugzy and I did the boot camp. Here is how it went

Pledge of allegiance, mosey to parking lot.

Chinooks, side straddle hops, squats,7s 1 burpie and some super bowl trivia. Of the three i was the only one alive for the first game.

Patio had to change some things for weather, dips, chair, dirkins,step ups,mike Tyson’s. Mosey to the field. First base aggregate 100merkins, second base 200 squats, third base 300 monkey humpers. Enough of that ending with sone core exercises flutters, X and O, box cuters, Homer and Marge and Of course American Hammers.

Prayers and we were all cold, nothing was open for coffee and no more. Wrapped it up. Always appreciate the ability to lead and it was a great workout but it was about 24 degrees…