Bushwood, Eggplant, Phoenix, Shocker, Jitterbug, Bird’s Nest, Drifter, Snooki, Xerox, Confusion, Red Dragon, TPS, Drizzle, Stickshift, Airball


10 PAX and 5 Ruckers braved the icy road conditions and much more importantly the rough conditions of the stairwell. It went like this:

15 SSH
10 Sun Gods
10 Reverse Sun Gods
15 Imperial Walkers

The Thang

The PAX with their weights paired up at the far end of the deck and one duder AMRAPed weight exercises (different one each time) while partner ran to and climbed the stairs, did 5 Merkins, ran back down to relieve said partner doing the following:

Weights Station

1. Curls
2. In and Outs
3. LBC
4. Squat w/Weight
5. Overhead Press
6. Wall Sit Curls
7. Low Slow Flutter
8. Carolina Dry Dock
9. Tricep Extension
10. Lunge w/Weight
11. Overhead Skull crusher (tricep)

Heel Touches
Back Stretches
American Hammers


Blood Drive last weekend of February at Cheddar’sOffice Complex

3rd F every Tuesday after workout on Pembroke at Search Office