Natty’s Hump 1/19/2022

HIMs in Attendance:  Ricola (QIC), Sacked, Butt Fumble, Sugar Cake, Ozone, Viagra

As you stepped out of your car and your feet touched the pavement, or at least where pavement would normally be, you felt the smoothness of a freshly Zambonied ice rink beneath your shoes.  The 28-degree morning had enabled a solid Refreeze following the snowmelt after winter storm Izzy the day prior.  Uncertainty filled the air as the three HIMS exited their vehicles unsure about how the others might feel towards the forthcoming Thang On-Ice.

Almost immediately Butt Fumble made his uneasiness well known, both verbally and physically via Sliding Pushbacks (aka Curling) off Sacked’s Truck.  As BF’s concerns for his posterior as well as his yearning for a hot cup of coffee started to take more and more mind space, two other HIMs rolled up just in time to disrupt this negative chain of thinking.

Viagra recommended we take a look at the church parking lot before everyone gets back into their warm cars and heads off, just in case it’s cleared of ice.  Without a second thought we started to Mosey in that direction, at the very least we agreed Lowe’s would be dry and well lit and not too much further.

To our joyful surprise, the church parking lot was perfectly dry with great lighting from both the streetlight and the waning moon which hovered over the church’s  steeple.


All took turns going around the circle choosing a workout, when at the very last-minute Sugar Cake shows up and recommends Monkey Humpers… (first of many).


Ricola had a fresh deck of F3 Workout Cards ready for action in the Gloom.  The sextet played several rounds of Ace-y-Deuce-y (Outside / Inside), making it through the deck 1 ¼ times.  Of which, somehow Sugar Cake managed to get Monkey Humpers nearly every time he played…

In the end, these Six Icemen of Natty’s Hump conquered all that storm Izzy could throw at them in true HIM fashion.  It was a pleasure to lead with the support of the Peoples Q along the way.  Stay strong and keep warm all!

Winter Storm Izzy Tracker

See You In The Gloom,

~ Ricola