As Greensboro AOs were converging to the safe haven of their subterranean hollows, YHC and Swanee rocked out with our socks out at the Shire’s premier pain station aka Cadet Lab. The parking lot was completely useless if you didn’t bring your skates, so we set up camp at the shelter. Check it out.


Side Straddle Hops

Leg Circles


Plyo Split Squats w/ 5 count down w/ 1 leg jump (L/R)

Narrow to Wide Jump Squats

1 Leg Calf Hop into a 5 Count Lateral Leg Raise up & 5 Count down (L/R)

Warrior 3 Pose Repeats

Summo Gorilla Humpers

Cricket Merkins (leg tucked under & across the body during merkin) (L/R)

Plank Windshield Wipers (1 leg raise up and over other the leg. toe touch on the opposite side)

Sissy Squats

Walk Out to Cobra Position into Downward Dog (ragdoll up to start position)

Bear Stance Holds (Opposite hand/foot lifted off the ground for three count hold)


Slumlord & Black Swan


Swanee busted out his famous coffee station and we hund out for twenty minutes after the workout. It was a great time of fellowship and nerding out about sports/camping equipment. T-claps to one of our finest.