Date: January 12, 2022

Weather: 26 degrees = COLD (even in the Bellemeade St. Parking Deck)

PAX: Drysdale, Radiator (co-War Daddy), Secretary, Huffy (c0-War Daddy), Newhart, Bobby Knight, Mare (War Baby), A6, Bird’s Nest, Graffiti, Poehler, Akron, Bourbon (F3 Toledo), Etch-a-Sketch, Wojo (QIC)

When you haven’t Qd a particular workout or it’s been a long time since your last Q, you don’t want to disappoint. When you get word that you may have a guest who posts from another region, you have to be double ready! YHC approached my time Q at Local Honey yesterday with that in mind. And with Bourbon from F3 Toledo part of the PAX today, I hope I delivered!

Welcome & F3 mission statement were delivered with a special note to push yourself today. As this particular workout begins at 5:32 instead of the usual 5:30, there was no time for anymore chit chat. Time to get to work!


  • SSH X 12 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 12 IC
  • Sun Gods (sobriety style) X 12 IC (forward & in reverse)
  • Chinooks X 12 IC
  • Copperhead Squats X 12 IC
  • Mountain Climbers X 12 IC

Mosey to the base of the spiral at the Bellemeade Parking Deck

THANG 1 – Hill Running & Sprints

  • Indian Run up the parking deck spiral to the top level (recover with a 10 count) and mosey to the opposite (Elm Street) end of the deck
  • Mosey/Jog short widths and then sprint the long straightaways X 2 rounds
  • Recover Mosey down two levels for the main #funishment event

THANG 2 – Team 4 Corners

The PAX divided into 4 teams for a special four corners workout. Instructions were to stay together as a team to both count reps and move to the next station. Clear directions were on the exercise Winke’s at each corner. Cobains to the PAX for not setting up the rotation correctly (we needed to move clockwise instead of counterclockwise). No matter – the PAX figured it out!

Station 1 – Drago Balls (10 reps in rotation X 20 rounds = 20 reps)

Each PAX team could decide how to approach this station as 20 consecutive reps with these coupons are tough! 10 reps were all that was required, but teams decided to work through the exercises in 2 sets of 10 instead.

  • Squat Thrusters w/ Ball
  • Squatted Ball Curls
  • Drago Ball Swings
  • Skull Crushers/Back Scratchers

Sprint to Station 2 as a Group

Station 2 (20 reps each exercise)

  • Merkins
  • Jump Squats
  • Over Unders (IC)
  • SSH (IC)

Bear Crawl to Station 3 as a Group

Station 3 (20 reps each exercise)

  • Burpees (10 only)
  • Monkey Humpers (IC)
  • Freddie Mercury (IC)
  • Goof Balls (IC)

Run Backwards to Station 4 as a Group

Station 4 (2o reps each exercise)

  • Diamond Merkins
  • Reverse Lunges (10/leg)
  • LBCs (IC)
  • Bobby Hurley’s (10/side)

Crawl Beat to Station 1 as a Group

Repeato until time called (most teams finished the first station of round 2)

Plank for all to re-assemble, they mosey down two levels of the deck (the long way) and then (as we were running tight on time) back out to and down the spiral, down Bellemeade to the shovel flag. Let the record show that Bird’s Nest beat Graffiti – again!


  • American Hammers X 10 IC


Announcements and Moleskin

  • Special F3 Greensboro welcome to Bourbon from F3 Toledo. We are so glad you posted with us and we hope to see you again soon. Bourbon commented in COT that he has the opportunity to post with a lot of regions through his work travel, and really appreciated our hospitality and communication. Bourbon, you were strong today brother – come back and post with us anytime!
  • 2nd F Night with Greensboro Swarm – this Friday, January 14 – see Shenanigans and Twitter for link to buy tickets in F3 Greensboro block. TClaps to Red Dragon for organizing!
  • Huffy, so good to see you back out in the gloom – hope to see more of you!
  • Love the spirited mumblechatter and competition between Bird’s Nest and Graffiti! Bird’s Nest threw a little “if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin'” NASCAR strategy out during the footrace back to the shovel flag. Winner, winner chicken dinner!
  • Radiator has taken the reigns of Sweat Angel as the new Site Q and has done a great job very quickly of reviving that AO and setting up a strong Q line up. Reach out directly to him for  a Q slot opportunity. TClaps Radiator!
  • Newhart & Bobby Knight – y’all are doing a great job as co Site Qs for Local Honey – keep it up. You have a consistently strong group show up each week and your Q dance card is pretty full as well.
  • Watch Shenanigans for the new date for the F3 Greensboro Blood Drive. There is a critical shortage of blood out there – please donate when you can.
  • There are several interfaith services planned for the MLK Holiday weekend. Check out Bobby Knight’s Twitter @SamuelCPerkins and the F3 Natville Slack Channel for details

As always, it was an honor and a privilege to Q today!

– Wojo