YHC arrived right on time and gave the welcome and we got to it.


We started off with a brisk mosey to a downrange parking lot and performed dynamic stretches in the form of toe touch jump squats, pendulum arms swing, Sun Gods, and Jump Split-Squats.


Instruction: The Pax picked their favorite piece of the curb as a start point and performed the following exercises to the opposite curb on the other side of the parking lot and back to the home base. A nice peppering of Phil Conners (5 hand-release Merkins) and Air Raids (5 Burpees) were thrown in randomly to give folks a break. 

Gorilla Walk

Mud Walk (Summo Duck Walk)

Dragon Crawl

Scaredy Cat (Bear Crawl on the tips of your toes and fingers)

Bunny Hops


A musical AMRAP to “Jump” by Van Halen [AMRAP of Squats with a Star-Jump every time jump is sung.]

A musical AMRAP to “Drop it Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dog [AMRAP of Monkey Humpers with a Jump Squat every time “Drop” is sung.]

A mosey back to the Flag for C.O.T.


A musical AMRAP to “Bring Sally Up” by HIIT BPM [AMRAP of High & Low Planks cued by the words “up” and “down”.]

Jack Hammer [American-Hammer/Merkin Ladder: 5/5, 10/10, 15/15.]


Gilligan, Bull Dog, Jingles, Sugar Cake, Drizzle, Xerox, ESL, Stinky Cheese, Scooby Do, Norwood, Phoenix, Ramses, Foxy Lady, Schnitzle, Gecko, Kilowatt, Settlement, 50CC, Ricola, Jitterbug, Oil Slick & Short Circuit.