PAX: Bulldog, JR, Nails (Respect!), Black Swan, Situation, EPA, Weed (Respect!), JR, Cottontail
Inspiration of this workout was based on this video (, assessing how fat can be burned most efficiently. Great on describing what HITT workout is and trying to accomplish. Compared to my previous understanding from F3 workouts, we typically rest much less, around 15s. That’s not enough to bring the heart rate back down, and therefore won’t allow us to bring up the intensity to the max. The key to HITT is the intensity must be close to max.

SSH, 1 burpee
Cotton picker, 2 burpees
Sun gods, 3 burpees
Mountain climbers, 4
We kept upping the burpees and exercises til reached 8.

1 minute burpees, 2 minute rest, 6 cycles. Explained to the pax that because of the long rest, we need to push during that 1 minute as much as possible, you’ll have that splash merlot feeling half way in but just keep the pace for the whole minute. Seriously it was very hard, and 2 minutes almost seem like it wasn’t enough rest. PAX were huffing and puffing all 2 minutes.

We did more burpees with a superman at the bottom, maybe 20 more. All together I think we did between 150-200 burpees.

I can tell that it sucked since there were lots of complains for the rest of the week. Nice!