12-28-21. Great weather, Pax of 15 gather at the Plate to send Dr Sheldon off in style.

Male leadership at it’s finest, Dr Sheldon is a regular at the Plate and is leaving to take a position with that known blazer Johnie Hopkins in Baltimore.

We build them up at the Plate, while we can not take credit for Dr Sheldon earning a PHD in Nano technology from UNCG, or for him going from enlisted in the USN to community college, and then to scholarship at the G, nor can we promise you the same results, we do humbly submit that in some small way the pax of the Plate helped.

Tclaps to Patch for getting him involved.

Pax: Expired, Nutmeg, Water Boy, Apollo, Patch, Dr Sheldon, Flo, Hazmat, Kevin, Minute Man, Mountain Momma, Hazmat 2.0. Short Bus and Windmill on the Q.

Lucky for us the Dutch Master Q was on lead tonite.  Despite suggests for a Q consisting of 45 minutes of calf raises by Dr Sheldon, Windmill had a plan- sorta…

Disclaimer was read then:

Mosey parking lot perimeter to back of building


  1. Windmill
  2. Sun God – Chinook combo
  3. String Ripper
  4. Squat Billy

All were 22 count despite objections from Apollo,,,

Windmill is down to business as usual, and if you could keep up with the Squat Billy in cadence you are part animal.

Thang – all exercises 22 reps, building loop interludes

Building loop – Frankenstein 22/leg, mosey rest

  1. Merkin
  2. Crunchy Frog IC
  3. Shoulder Tap IC

Building loop – “Lt. Copperhead” (Lt. Dan with copperhead squat) – 22, mosey rest

  1. Wide Merkin
  2. Dying Cockroach IC
  3. Plank Jack

Building loop – Bear Crawl 22/leg-arm, mosey rest

  1. Diamond Merkin
  2. WW1 Situp
  3. Dancing Bear IC

Building loop – Duckwalk – Airclap 22/leg, mosey rest

  1. Wall Sit 3 x 22 sec
  2. Balls to the Wall 2 x 22 sec

Building loop, all mosey

  1. Plank Circle 3 x 22 sec
  2. Lucky 7

Building loop, all mosey

Somewhere along the line we finished early, which is a surprise. 2021 eh?

Mary – complete the 22 exercises

  1. Box Cutter
  2. High Dolly
  3. Freddy Mercury

Back to flag, mosey parking perimeter

  1. American Hammer

So good luck to Dr Sheldon, and remember, “you do not have to take shit from anyone!”