Starmount Stampede

  • 12/30/21
  • PAX: 13 total including WKRP, Maneater, Pacer, Nancy, Wilma, Graffiti, Saban, Etch A Sketch, Drizzle, Scooby Doo, Gilligan
  • QIC:  Tesla

The Weather Channel gods promised rain.  But December chose 60 degrees and humid instead.  A glorious morning for a stroll as long as you dodged the puddles


We stayed at the bball court for a few rounds of warm up:

  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Hillbillies
  • String Rippers

YHC got antsy to begin the miles, so we began the mosey quickly–jogging the group out to Knollwood.

The Thang

We started with up and back runs.  Nancy made it clear he expected 10 counts in between every segment, no matter its length, so YHC took notes and worked in extra 10 counts to quiet the mumblechatter and still deliver the beatdown all PAX deserved.  We began:

– Knollwood – Starmount to Madison and back, 10 counts for rest, mosey to next road

– Wedgewood Rd – Starmount to Madison and back.  PAX started letting QIC know at this point that they were enjoying the hillwork.  Circle around to pick up the six.  10 counts to quiet the breathing.  Then mosey to next road.

– Brentwood Rd – A new wrinkle was added.  Sugar rays were lined up on the left.  The rest of the PAX on the right.  Each was reminded that we leave no man behind.  They were then paired up–one Sugar Ray to one other PAX member.  Teams were to run up Brentwood, the Sugar Rays were to go right, their partners to the left fork (West Brentwood).  Both were then to turn and start completing the Brentwood loop.  When they caught their partner along the way, they turned around and went back the way they came, all the way down to Brentwood and Starmount.  Sugar Rays gained a few more meters than their partners–everyone ended up at Starmount at roughly the same time.  10 counts ensued.  Mosey on to the next street.

– Forestdale Rd – With partner work complete, a new wrinkle was required.  Run up to Madison and circle for the six.  PAX all made it up the hill with strong efforts.  10 counts then mosey down to the next street, Beverly.

-Beverly to Dogwood and back.  Here a new wrinkle.  PAX were to accelerate quickly to the first intersection, then mosey to the next intersection, then turn around, sprint back to the 1st intersection and then mosey back to Beverly/Madison.  PAX returned with little to say but seemed to be enjoying gulping in the humid air.

Time to mosey back to the flag with a quick detour at Starmount.  Once landed at the flag, complaints about the wet basketball area were aired.  QIC was generous and put the PAX on the asphalt where their were just rocks and less wet spaces.


15 American Hammers for those PAX willing to get their six dirty.  The rest did the People’s Chair.  That was a wrap–roughly 4 miles covered!

Announcements and COT including requests for prayer ensued.  Multiple PAX had needs that were lifted.  All were commended a Happy New Year and excitement to start 2022 well.

A privilege to rejoin the Stampede after several years hiatus–fun to see some PAX I hadn’t in a long time.  Thanks to Big Sky for providing the opportunity!